Admits 3:

Midelson came to us a few weeks ago. We knew we would be immediately admitting him due to his fragile state. He weighed a mere 2.5 lbs and was in rough shape. The parents told us he had been vomiting before coming here. His twin borther passed away at 9 days old. Sheila started an IV on him right away. He was on and off oxygen for a few days. We took him to the Hospital to be consulted by some visiting pediatricians and we ended up having him admitted that day and he stayed there for nearly 3 weeks. He started doing better in the hospital, but unfortunately passed away a week ago. His parents visited him often in the hospital and had planned on taking him home in a few months when he was bigger and healthier.  Please pray for them as they grieve the loss of yet another one of their children.

Chadlyn was admitted this week. His Mom is mentally unstable and unable to care for him. This was her fourth child, the three older children have all passed away.  Chadlyn’s Aunt took him from his Mom when he was 3 days old but is unable to care for him because she is older and already has other children she’s responsible for.  He seems perfectly healthy and weighed 6# 8 oz at arrival.  He was 2 weeks old when he came to us!  He is doing really well here and gaining weight!

Andrise is the older sister of Emmalie (who was reunited with her father 4 months ago) and younger sibling of Wichlove (who was reunited several years ago).  She came to COTP two weeks ago after Emmalie passed away.  Her guardian was unable to care for her and was afraid that she would pass away as well.  She just turned two and has a lot of spunk!  Andrise is doing amazing in our care and is really fitting in well here.  Please pray for her as we work on deciding a long term plan for her!

Discharge 3:

Givens was reunited with his parents recently after living at COTP for almost 18 months!  During his time with us we saw a lot of improvement in his development.  When he first came to us he could not even sit up, but now he is walking and playing!  He has gained a lot of weight and is doing really well.  We are very excited that he is now living with his parents and two older brothers!  Please pray for him and his family during this time!










Alfred and Alfredo were reunited with their Father recently.  They have both done amazing in our care.  When they first came they weighed only 3 and 5 lbs.  They both gained over 10 lbs during their time with us.  Their Dad is a principle at a school and is very excited to have them home! They are in our Formula Program and have been doing really well at home!

Birthdays 2:

Wedly and Nickensly both turned 3, Christella, Robert, and Rodney turned 2, and Raphael and Gedline turned 1!


Our constructions continues to be moving along quickly.  Our crew poured the roof to the first house and are now working on crepying (stuccoing) the walls.  They have also began working on the foundation to the second house and will hopefully be pouring the floor this Saturday!  At the same time the Southern Perimeter wall is being constructed and should be finished next week.  We are so blessed to watch this process and see how quickly it is all coming together!  Thanks for your continued support and prayers.

Prayer Requests:

Several of our nannies are pregnant at the moment.  Please pray that they have easy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies.

Please pray for our adoptions to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible so that our children can be united with their families soon.

We recently helped take Anderlin, a 1.5 month old baby from our community to the Dominican Republic for Spina Bifida surgery.  He and his Mother are still there, but unfortunately the doctor is out of town.  We are now trying to decide what the best course of action is in order to help Anderlin receive the surgery he needs to save his life.  Please pray for strength for him and his Mom during this difficult time.


-Neosure Formula (we currently have our 4 premies on this)

-Diapers size newborn to 4.

-Baby lotion

-Dove bar soap (this name brand works best for our children)

-Rice Cereal

-Antibiotic Cream

-Mupirocin Ointment