Ashka is a 2 years old little girl and has Cerebral Palsy. She was brought to us by her
mother, who was referred by someone who knows us and is a family friend of theirs. Her father died earlier this week, but has been sick for a long time. The mother has had 4 children and all of them have died before reaching the age of one. Ashka had a twin who
died at 9 months. We hope to care for her for 3 months. We do not want to see this mother lose her last family member.

Landsie has been with us exactly 6 months. Her grandma came to pick her up this past Thursday. She has done amazingly well in our care and gained lots of good weight. We are glad to see her return to her grandma who clearly adores her and now is in a better spot to care for her.

Judeline has also gone home to be with her father. He is thrilled that she is healthy enough to live with him again. He has also talked to his extended family to help raise her and give the support he needs. Judeline was happy with her father and we are so excited they have been reunited.

Judeline with her father