Extreme Flooding in Haiti | The Aftermath

15033952_10207625678148000_1541831751_oIf you haven’t been to Haiti and walked the roads and pathways to houses it can be hard to really understand what severe flooding is like. Flooding is bad anywhere but when a small percentage of people have properly plumbed toilets and many none at all, and houses are not sealed well, without doors, or on the sides of hills with narrow pathways between them flooding can very easily turn into a big disaster.

Here’s a few brief examples of employees/friends of COTP that have been affected by the severe flooding this past week:

  • One of our security guard’s house has filled with water.  The water level went down a little bit a day ago but he’s been living in a church set on a small piece of high ground with a bunch of other people.  He’s lost most of his belongings so when his house is livable again he’ll be starting out with very little.
  • Someone we hire occasionally for construction work who has scars from the 2010 earthquake, after which he relocated to the north, has reported that his house has been inundated by water.  So much so that it took everything right off the table.  He tells his story with this simple descriptive word, “Problem!”
  • One of our long time cleaning ladies is trying to stay positive with the water and mud that has been coming into her house.  She just cleans it out every day and goes on with life.
  • A couple of our yard guys are struggling—one has run out of food and money, the other has a bad roof over a bedroom and a lot of water in his house.  He says the common Haitian phrase, “God Knows” as he describes his situation.
  • And then there’s one of our admin staff.  Her house has flooded regularly over the years.  This time is bad.  So bad she is trying to build a temporary shelter to live in on her roof—thankfully, she is one person that has a cement roof to do this on.  Earlier this week she came to work after having walked in neck deep water holding some dry clothes on her head because she knew we had a lot to do.  We told her she could take some days at home.

15052200_10207625676627962_865739058_oThese are the stories, just a snippet of them.  Our employees work hard to help babies and families.  Our vision of a healthy Christian home for every Haitian child includes our employees.  Having lived in Haiti, I know its hard to be surrounded by so much suffering.  It feels overwhelming.  But, one child, one family at a time, we continue to make a difference. If you would like to contribute to the Flood Relief Fund and provide our employees with support during this time, please click on the link below. Read how we plan to use these funds.


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