Flood Relief | Our Plan and How You Can Help

Flood relief funds have been successfully raised — thank you!

14958138_10210833036490054_1600275499_oHeavy rain began Saturday evening (Nov. 5th) and has dumped over 25” of rain in the area of Cap Haitien.  It’s still forecast for days to come.  While the staff and kids at COTP are fine and we are prepared with food stock and diesel to pump and filter our water (as well as providing water to our community), there is much suffering.  Many of our staff have flooded homes, their belongings destroyed—some things being flushed right out of their homes by the moving water, even those who’s homes may not have flooded can’t find dry charcoal to cook with and we’ve heard reports of drinking sugar water and eating some cold food.  The markets have been shut down or extremely limited as well.  Numerous employees have not even been able to travel to work.  One did come to work after wading through neck deep water outside her home carrying dry clothes on her head to wear at work! We don’t know yet how bad this is going to get—thankfully this morning some sun had peaked through the clouds.

We are also fearing now that cholera outbreaks will begin shortly as sewage filled water has flooded vast swaths of land contaminating wells and drinking sources.  We are preparing for that inevitability as well to help keep our kids, our staff, families, and babies we serve in programs safe with drinking water tabs as needed to purify water.

While the full extent of this catastrophic event is yet unknown we feel compelled to begin to respond as the need is great.  So we’ve established a starting point that we are committing to and as the needs unfold this may need to be adjusted.

Our Plan

14976096_10210833035970041_1042780405_oBy Monday we hope to provide all of our full time employees $100 extra USD  ($50 for Part time) for emergency food support for their families.  We are moving forward in faith doing this to alleviate the immediate sufferings without waiting for donations to come in.  This will cost us $7,750.00 USD and make a huge impact on the nearly 90 workers and their families serving with us.

We are also establishing a housing/damage fund for our employees seeking to initially fund that account with $15,000.00 USD.  As it is funded we will empower a small team of our Haitian employees to oversee applications for funds and disperse them to replace belongings, repair damaged homes, or provide rental assistance, etc.

Lastly, we have begun purchasing supplies to prepare for cholera—water tablets, bleach, etc.  Our costs will likely be higher than normal for the next while as well pending the severity and outcome of the flooding. So we are trying to raise at least a couple thousand to cover expenses there as well.

The total we are seeking for this initial response is $25,000.00 USD.  This money is outside our normal scope/budget. This need comes at a time where we heavily rely on end of the year gifts so we are asking that funds given could be above and beyond what you may normally give at this time so we don’t have a cash shortage for basic operations become our next emergency.

How You Can Help

Flood relief funds have been successfully raised — thank you!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our blog to stay up to date.  As we get more stories and pictures from staff we will relay that information on to you.  Keep Haiti, our staff, and those we serve in your prayers as we move through these next weeks especially.  Should you have any further questions please correspond with Kirk Vander Pol at cotpdevelopment@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer whether small our large.  Many of you have met and worked with our staff in Haiti personally.  You know their dedication and care of the kiddos.  Let’s bless them together during this trying time of flooding.

Kirk Vander Pol
Development Director


Financial Accountability:  We are committed to the highest standard of accountability and stewardship of our funds. All spending is according to a board-approved budget. We will make every effort to honor donations designated for a specific program. If the funds have been raised for that program, the remaining designated donations will be directed to addressing the greatest needs at COTP.

All donations are tax deductible.