• Jocelyne came to us from Justinien Hospital, where she was well loved by the hospital staff. She is a year old and weighs only 8 lbs, so we are thankful that Jocelyne is already eating and drinking well and are praying she gains weight soon.




  • A few different wounds that we are tending to this week. One of our kiddos being seen for his club foot did not get another cast put on because of a pressure sore on the casted foot. It has been healing well this week and he will likely get a new cast on his next visit.

Formula Program

  • Rayen is currently very sick and in the hospital. He has been in our program since November and has come to every rendezvous and done really well. This week, his dad came to let us know he has been hospitalized. He asked for financial assistance because he has already spent all of his money on hospital bills. We have not yet decided what to do. Roseline will first visit the hospital to try and find out more about how the hospital handles these kinds of situations.

Mamba Program

  • Berline (4 years old) and Berlove (16 months) are two new admits to the mamba program. They are both malnourished and will be eating medika mamba for several weeks to help them get back up to healthy weights.
  • Carlinia, Cartlie, Ronalson, Jerickson, Emmanuel, Esthere, Ruthdailove and Ruth Fabienne all graduated this week. Some of these kids transitioned from medika mamba to mamba djanm while others were less malnourished and only needed mamba djanm. They all managed to meet or exceed their goal weights, so this was a great day of graduations for us!

Haitian Staff

This past Wednesday Renel organized and planned a formation meeting with our Haitian and International administrative staff.  In the two pictures a mix of everyone can be seen with Renel, Rony, Rikerns, Eulalie, Papito, Herns, Dieulene, Marie Lourdes, Kirk, Mme Ga, Nadge, Teri, Rob (taking photo) and Roseline.  Renel wanted to talk about the new expectations for dress for all staff, of which the majority of international staff have the problem complying with currently and not our Haitian staff who regularly dress professionally and appropriately.  We also talked about the more regular reality of working to meet together with all staff like we did on Wednesday.  This is something that Renel has been mentioning to Kirk that he would like to have happen more regularly.  The one picture that I didn’t get was this team holding hands in a circle and Papito leading us all in prayer to close the meeting.

photo 2




photo 1

  • As Kerry enters her final week we met on Thursday morning with her, Dieulene, Kirk, Renel and myself to discuss the transition plan that Kerry and Kirk have been putting into place.  Kerry has worked to clearly define areas that Dieulene can operate freely in, ask for a second opinion on or help with and finally things that it’s best to refer to another organization or hospital.  We have regular volunteer nurses familiar with what we do at COTP that also speak Creole to be able to come alongside Dieulene as well during their time here.  Erin will still serve as a stable reference point for Dieulene and the other volunteer nurses for another opinion if needed and a constant during the transition of nursing at COTP.  Fifi also returns from her maternity leave on May 15 which will help free Dieulene up on program/gate days in the pharmacy.

International Staff

  • The big news this week is that Seth and Melissa have returned from the states.
  • The big news next week is that Kerry will be leaving. We’ve thoroughly loved having Kerry serve as our nurse for the last 7 months and are sad to see her go.
  • The Vander Pols are also gearing up for being gone the month of May.

Grace House

  • We are still working hard at potty training at the Grace House, and still experiencing a lot of messes.  We are trying to be patient and consistent.
  • We are talking about taking a beach trip with the aunts and all of the children which would be an adventure for sure.

Joy House

  • Seth and I returned from our trip to the States on Wednesday.  We were warmly greeted by kids and nannies alike.  The kids were fairly mellow at first since we came just as they were getting up from naps, but we were quickly reminded of how loud it gets in our house.  🙂  The kids seemed to have done well in our absence, but are fighting for our attention and thrive when then have gotten some one on one time.  Even though we were only gone for two weeks, some kids seem older and some of learned new words.  We look forward to getting back into our routine and the kids knowing that we are here for them.



  • We had a great volunteer named Paul here this past week that was able to help me with lots of mechanical issues.  He made some minor repairs on the Kubota generator, as well as cleaned the radiator.  He worked on the alternator issue that we were having with the tan generator and it is now, for the first time ever, properly working!!  He was able to look at the SDMO generator and show us a few wiring problems we were having.  He will be sending down some parts to get it running.  Theoretically within a few weeks, all three generators could be running the best they have in a very long time.  I really appreciated his knowledge and hard work.


  • All vehicles are running.  We will be receiving 2 new tires for the Jeep in the container which are very much needed.  Paul also identified that the upper swing arm on the Jeep is broken.  Agape is picking up parts from Napa and we should receive them this Thursday.  In the meantime the vehicles is still useable.


  • Paul, a volunteer was able to install all the frames and screens for the windows in the new area of the baby house.  This was also big task that he tackled.  It looks great!


  • This past week we had lots of movement with the container.  On Wednesday we had the container inspection where we had to move the entire contents from one container into another.  It took 4.5 hours.  The customs inspector went through everything.  We were then anticipating that we would get the container the following day, however, with the holiday on Friday most offices only worked half days on Thursday so we were not able to get the paperwork finished.


  • This week in preschool was all about Easter. Each day we learned a different part of the story of Jesus from Palm Sunday through the day they found the tomb empty. We acted some days out and the kids’ favorite by far was the “one with the donkey in it” no one wanted to be Jesus, they just wanted to be the donkey. They did enjoy shouting Hosanna, though. We decorated contact paper Easter eggs with tissue paper and ribbon, painted pictures of Jesus’ story, and colored Springtime pictures as well.
  • The kids are really enjoying looking at books and often time choose looking at books over playing with whatever toys we have out.