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  • It has been such a blessing to have Tori Huftalin with us this week! She has been so much help and is so full of JOY in all she does.
  • We have had a relatively healthy week! Praise the LORD for that!
  • We are still actively looking for a Haitian and an International nurse. Keep praying for us through this process.

Nutrition Program

Formula Program

  • The formula program currently has 20 babies enrolled, with a couple graduating next week.  There were no new admits this week.

Mamba Program

  • Chelie graduated the mamba program this week. She lives close by and we will be able to continue monitoring her.
  • Michael and Michaella are both gaining weight.  There mom and grandma are very proud of this success and seem to understand the program very well.
  • Wenderlin is gaining weight and is grandma is very proud that his new hair is coming in black, a sign of his much healthier nutritional state!


  • We continue to read lots of books and sing songs. We learned about Daniel and the Lions Den.
  • We continue to review our letters and colors. We spent more time writing our names.
  • We played with animals and worked on matching colors. We also played with puzzles and drew pictures.

School Program

  • This week Renel went to ISTA, one of the schools where a lot of the children attend. He negotiated tuition for the year. They started between $423-$500 and he got them down to $270/student.
  • Renel will be making a decision on how much money each student will be getting for their expenses after Friday.  By Friday each person is supposed to have come with their list of books. If they have not come, Renel will decide how much the will receive and thats that.

Ruth House

  • This past week we gave two of the moms their money to start their businesses.They were very happy!


  • This week in prenatal we talked to the moms about what types of exercises they can do to help them carry their unborn child better and help them have a better delivery.
  • We discussed the importance of breast feeding and all the vitamins that breast milk has. We also talked about how it is free food for their baby!
  • We talked about how to appropriately give affection to their children.
  • The moms learned what food and vitamins the need to keep producing milk.
  • Unfortunately, this week we had 3 moms that delivered stillborn.  We gave the moms a little money to return to the hospital because they were experiencing some pain in their body.
  • We had 12 new babies last month and 7 that finished the program.

International Staff

  • Most of Sheila’s family have arrived in Haiti.  Excitement is building as preparations are being made for her and Wilson’s wedding on August 15th.
  • Tori Rayle made it back to Haiti and is excited to step back into preschool with our children.
  • Bill and Darla Moxon, and their daughter Emily, have also arrived safely back in Haiti.

Child Homes

  •  The children at the Grace House have enjoyed watching the progress on the Joy House from our front porch. Occasionally they would “escape” to try to lend a hand with construction, but now we have latches on our gates so they can’t!  Such a blessing.  Now we are getting really excited about a yard and are so grateful for the work that is being done towards that! Ezechiel is adjusting well to our home and everyone else seems to be doing well.  We are dealing with several “toddler issues” like biting and hitting, and would love prayers for patience as we work through this every day.  We continue to grow and learn together, and are loving the fact that we seem to be communicating more effectively with the aunts each day.



  • All systems are working properly. Last night we had an electrical storm with a strike very near COTP. We had one small ethernet switch get fried (~$25 value). I am looking to put more lightning protection on our ethernet wires.

Vehicles & Engines

  • The White truck has finally be fully repaired and is working good. This week we also received new tires for the red truck and front tires for our tractor. The Van is ready and waiting for us in Port au Prince. We just need to make the final payment on it and then we can pick it up shortly after that.

Grace House:

  • The Dirt has all been leveled and yesterday we started digging post holes for a fenced area for the kids. We are fencing off about 2500 sq. ft on the east side of the house with 4′ chain link fence. We have also acquired tropical shrubs to plant along the outside of the fence. This project should be finished mid next week.

Joy House:

  • The Joy house has continued to under go lots of work this past week. The ceiling will be finished today, the tile has started, and the septic has continued to take shape. The septic should be done next week. Next week we will also start painting the exterior. The exterior steel windows and doors have also been started, as all as all the interior wood doors.

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