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  • We have been making our own baby food (instead of Gerber jars) for a couple weeks now. It is Much cheaper than buying and provides a greater variety of healthy foods for our little ones.
  • We are still in need of Diazepam (rectal) or Midazolam (buccal or intranasal) for the emergent treatment of seizures.

Nutrition Program

Formula Program

  • Saskia and Christela both graduated the formula program this week. Christela went from 1.83 kg in February to 5.15 kg in July, more than doubling her weight! Saskia tripled her weight in 5 months, going from 1.5 kg to 4.63 kg! She was not able to attend this week because she was sick and going to the doctor, so we gave her mom milk for her and told her she can always come back to us if she needs to.
  • Venise and Vedelin are both in the hospital right now and were unable to come to formula program. Please pray that they would get better quickly.
  • Kesnel came on Friday after missing the formula program on Tuesday. He was hospitalized earlier this week because he was having trouble breathing, but he now seems to be on the road to recovery.
  • Michel is a new admit to the formula program. He is 6 months old and weighs 5.22 kg. His mama passed away shortly after he was born and his aunt is now raising him.
  • Almost all of the other babies in the program are doing great and gaining lots of weight!page1image24088

Mamba Program

  • Judeline and Junior have a new baby brother named Judlin. He is three weeks old and seems to be doing okay. His mama is having some health issues since his birth so could use some prayers.
  • Wenderlin, a sweet three year old, was admitted to the mamba program earlier this week. He came with his grandma and a neighbor. Wenderlin is malnourished and was just released from the hospital after spending more than two weeks there. They originally asked us to keep Wenderlin until he is healthier, but were happy to accept our out-patient mamba program instead.


  • Again this week Andrea has been getting more experience under her belt and teaching. We are continuing to use the weighted blankets during circle time as we read books.
  • We start off the day with reading books and singing songs. The kids love taking turns praying before we start preschool and before snack time. We also reviewed our letters, colors and numbers. We took turns counting to ten.
  • We also painted pictures and played with matchbox cars and animals.

Education Program

  • This week we had the end of year party. The sponsored students gathered at COTP for some refreshments and a small gift.  The students brought their report cards, and some came with lists of what they need for next year.
  • We took pictures of the students and got updates to send to the sponsors.

Ruth House

  • This week the ladies had information courses on family education, religion and schooling.
  • The ladies are still learning how to make hats and bags.
  • The ladies are ready to start their businesses now, they are just waiting on us to give them their startup money.


  • This week we talked to the ladies about how to prepare their bag for the hospital when they will go to have the babypage3image25120
International Staff

  • Tori arrived safely in the States yesterday after having quite an adventure leaving Haiti that had her spending a night in Port-au-Prince before actually leaving Wednesday morning. Tori is looking forward to connecting with family and friends during her three week break.
  • The Willis family had their first experience with an abscess this past week as Gabe developed one on a cut that he had on his kneecap. It developed rather quickly and with the help of hot compresses, antibiotics, and lancing- it is disappearing as we all hoped and prayed for.
  • The Stolberg’s enjoyed a day at Cormier on Tuesday after a crazy day in which Nick was in the office from 6am until 10pm as he was the lead on the day-long fundraiser for the van. We figured up that there was maybe 30 minutes where he wasn’t in the office either working the phones, making a video, updating spreadsheets, or keeping the social media buzz going. Thanks Stolberg crew for your sacrifice!
  • Teri and Toto had engagement pictures done by Hunter Kittrell at Sans Souci Palace ruins last Friday. If your friends with her on Facebook you can check out the album, which is pretty amazing.page4image30576


• The grace house got painted this week!

Child Homes

• We continue to learn and grow at the Grace House. Fritzlin, Loudena, Zion Hope and I played “nurse” the other day with their dolls and Zion’s stethoscope. They are really starting to love pretend play, and their verbal skills are developing more each day. We also painted some pictures and Loudena loves to show anyone who walks up our sidewalk her painting in the window. Jacob can stand on his own, but doesn’t want to walk yet. We are trying to get Paco more comfortable with sitting up for longer periods of time. He continues to reward anyone who stops to chat with him a big smile and his “happy noise” that sounds a bit like a duck. Another child will join us next week, so that will add another mix to the dynamics here.The children have all decided that they love playing “instruments” made out of dishes while we sing during our worship time. It is definitely a joyful noise,with the emphasis on noise. WelooktoGodoftenforstrengthandwisdom as we go about our daily tasks.



  • The Inverters are all working properly again. However, we are only able to get a few minutes out of our batteries which is not enough to properly operate our system. To replace the batteries with the same batteries will cost $10,000 and we can purchase them in the Dominican. A much better solution would be to replace them with a much higher quality, and longer lasting battery that we can buy in Miami. After shipping and customs they would cost us about $12,500. We are working to decide our next step, in light of the a larger power plan we are working on.


  • All systems are working properly. The communication system shined on monday when we answered 100 phone calls in Haiti, while uploading pictures and videos.

  • Painting of the Grace Home and Staff House should be done by next week. They look really good and much more complete.