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    • N/A this week


    • Carla was able to take Roseline to PAP on Wednesday for her pre-op testing.  Everything went well, and she will be going back for surgery likely next month.  After their trip, Roseline moved from the girls’ apartment to the Papiyon room.
    • All of our kids received their quarterly treatment for scabies and worms.
    • If you are able to send a medical donation, we currently have the following needs:

For Seizures:   **Rectal Diazepam (DiaStat)**  AND/OR  **Buccal or Intranasal Midazolam**

Other Needs: Fucidin Cream, Mupirocin Ointment, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Portable Oxygen Machine

Nutrition Program

Mamba Program

  • Fritz Lande used to live at COTP and was in the mamba program both during and after her stay. She came back to visit yesterday and is doing great! She has continued to gain weight and seems to be doing really well with her family. Her brother, Nasly, was also in the mamba program and is also doing well. They have a new baby brother who is breast feeding and healthy.
  • Judeline and Junior have not been back in over a month. Junior was doing well and had already reached his goal weight. Judeline was also gaining weight, but had not yet reached her goal, so we will be visiting them in the near future to check up on them and see how they are doing.

Formula Program

  • Roseline recently visited Modelin, a COTP graduate. He is doing very well at home and his parents were happy to receive the visit.

Ruth House

  • We continued to work on teaching the ladies budgets this week. How to track their income and expenses so that their businesses can run well.
  • This week the ladies learned how to make crocheted hats for women to wear.
  • Overall the ladies are doing well and are putting their ideas together to live together well in the house.

School Program

  • National exams are still going on in Haiti, so several of our students are busy taking these.
  • We were able to go to the professional school where one of the program participants is learning to make clothes.
  • We met with one of our adopted children’s sister, who has a sponsor to go to school next year. She is 4 1/2 years old.
  • We will have an end of school year party on July 15, God willing.


  • We had three moms who had their babies this week! Two of them had their babies at the hospital and one at home.
  • Milot hospital came and did AIDS testing on 16 moms this week and we are happy to say that all 16 tested, tested negative!


  • This week we combined the afternoon and the morning classes. Adlin and Jerry joined Natalie, Manno, Fred, and Jeremiah in the morning class everyday and Wilson and Anel rotate coming.
  • We have had help from Andrea–an early education student who is here for two months. She has been helping us through this transition and is planning on getting some teaching experience before she leaves.
  • This week we talked about the armor of God. We learned a new song, talked about what it means, and dressed up in the different parts of the armor. We talked about how it is important to learn about God so we can know the difference between Him and the enemy or Satan.
  • We brought out some toys we haven’t played with in a while and focused a lot on re-learning and following the rules. Because the classes where smaller recently I have been more lax on the rules and now we need to remember them better as our day is more structured. Any time our classes change there is a period of chaos as the new children do not know the routine and the old children learn to adjust.

International Staff

  • VPs are excited to head back to the states on July 11th (just in time for Kirk’s big 40th birthday on the 13th).  Speaking of which, Nick and Kirk are hoping to get a Facebook fundraising campaign going coinciding with Kirk’s 40th birthday to raise funds for a staff vehicle.

Child Homes

  • The Grace House continues to be a flurry of activity.  As our house gets railings on the porch and volunteers are painting, there are many things to watch and also to get into if we aren’t keeping a close eye on the children!  They are curious.  Fritzlin and Loudena have enjoyed playing in a little pool we put on our back porch.  They love to dump water on each other!  Jacob continues to want any freedom we will allow, and it seems like he might be interested in taking his first steps sometime soon.  Paco is still quite content, and loves to be held and talked to.  The Willis family took a family day last week and as we walked up to the house, first Fritzlin and then Loudena came running out to meet us with hugs and smiles.