• Jovnaily went home with his parents on Tuesday. The little guy gained 2.5 lbs during his six weeks in our care. We were hoping he could stay with us a bit longer as he continued to get bigger and stronger, but his parents chose to take him yesterday. Please continue to pray for Jovnaily; his parents love him but don’t always understand how to best care for their tiny son. We will continue to visit Jovnaily at home and he will be in our formula program for the next few months.


  • A number of our smaller kiddos shared a cold amongst each other the last few weeks – possibly RSV considering some of the respiratory symptoms involved. But all are finally fully recovered or nearly there!
  • Our Haitian nurse, Dieulene, has spent the week getting trained in infant massage. We are excited about incorporating this into our therapy and child care.
  • One of the little twins, Roudly, continues to go to Milot Hospital once a week to get his club foot assessed and re-casted for another week. It is progressing well.

School Sponsorship

  • The 2nd trimester exams started this week.
  • This week we have the chance to meet Dane Chery, in university-level and she chose nursing science. She came to COTP to write a letter of thanks to her sponsors.


  • This week the mothers were taught about worms and how to prevent getting worms.
  • There was a mobil clinic that came this week that did baby vaccinations.
  • A past volunteer took photos of the mothers and the class, so we had those pictures to show to the mothers.

International Staff

  • This past week Tori was able to train the entire week from 9am to 4pm in a class with two of our Haitian staff as well.  The training was put on by Natro-paths Without Borders and was in baby massage.  We are looking forward to putting this training to use as now these three can train our care givers, potentially our moms in prenatal, and maybe even others in these techniques.
  • Kirk and Wilson also drove departing missionaries and their kids and luggage to PAP to bless them on behalf of COTP (flying there with all their luggage would have cost them about $2,000) as they return stateside prior than planned due to some toxic relations that had developed within the ministry they worked for.  This family had worshipped with us at COTP for the past six months plus and our church at COTP had held a potluck goodbye for them the Sunday prior.
  • Mike Bonnema and his mother Marcy were here for a number of days last week.  While here Mike was able to spend time talking with the staff, praying with them, and listening.  It’s been good to have numerous board members down.  All that have come have spent time with staff offering encouragement and a listening ear.

Grace House

  • The Grace House continues to be a flurry of activity.  Our preschoolers continue to love preschool and it is so fun so see them so excited about it.  Every day they run around to get ready to go when we say it is time for school.  It is a blessing to have our nannies back again after they took a few days off after the loss of their mother.   Jadyn has been working with some of our special needs kiddos by having them work on holding toys and transferring them from one hand to another.  Please continue to pray for families for these precious children.  We love watching them grow and learn, but long for their families to be able to enjoy these milestones.

Joy House

  • DSC02279On Tuesday of this week, we celebrated a 2nd birthday.  We had fun celebrating with friends and cake!  Other fun highlights this week have been singing, watching movies on the lap top, and playing with bubbles.  We also have gained some mini Mama’s and Papa’s in our house so we are working through some “being bossy” issues.  It also reminds me that these kids are watching what we say and do, and I see how it looks when I hear my words come out of a two year old’s mouth.  Sometimes it’s funny, and other times quite convicting.  We are also enjoying a new -to -us table and chairs.  It’s a tight squeeze, but we can fit everyone around the table at once now!

Volunteer Spotlight

  • MerissasMuralMerissa Harkema has also been here this week. She is a friend of the Vande Lunes. She is very talented at painting and has painted a tractor mural on Toby’s wall and has also started painting a Bible verse on the wall in the remodel.
  • Katie Burchfield, a past COTP director, also came mid this week. She had a great time reconnecting with nannies and getting many many hugs and kisses from them!
  • IMG_8107Rob’s uncle and aunt, along with four teenage boys, have also been here working hard this week. They have finished painting the outside offices/girls apartment as well as doing more painting and electrical work in the remodel. The boys have spent lots of time with the internationalkids and having a great time with them. Rob’s aunt taught a sewing class at Emmaus house this week as well!
  • FergusFallsThe Fergus Falls group has been a blessing to he long-term staff through investing in them through conversations, bring care packages filledwith chocolate, cheese, games, and other fun treats, making dinner for the international parents and entertaining the kids with crafts, a meal, and a movie. The men in the group have been digging a trench this week by the Joy House. The ladies have been working and painting in the remodel as well as loving as much as they can on the little babies.


  • This week we learned about the letter B.  We made bumblebees out of the letter B.  We also played with blocks, beads, bears, babies, bubbles, shape sorters, play dough and puzzles.  We also jumped on the tramp with balls.  We enjoyed playing with some new pop beads that the volunteers brought down.  They also brought down some dishes for our food so we got to play with those as well
  • This week we continued working on our Bible verse from the last few weeks (Matthew 7:7) and we introduced the next one (Ephesians 4:32).  The kids’ favorite songs are the ABC song and The Wheels on the Bus.