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• N/A this week

Nutrition Program

Mamba Program

• Only four out of five mamba participants came on our last program day. Three of these are gaining a lot of weight. Vanessa’s weight stayed about the same. Her aunt was very worried about this and also expressed concern that she will only eat mamba and not other food (which she technically doesn’t need to eat while she is on the program). If Vanessa does not gain weight next time, we will investigate further to see if we can determine a cause for this.

Formula Program

• Seven month old Stanley graduated. Eight month old Loubens graduated.

• Four month old Redephalie was admitted. Her mom passed away when she was three days old and she is being cared for by her grandma, who cannot afford to buy very much milk for her.

• Evenson came back with his mom today after being gone for almost two months. She struggles with some mental health issues, but is doing her best to care for her son. We also found out that she is pregnant with a second child, so she will be in our prenatal program.

Ruth House

• This week 3 new women were supposed to enter the house. Two of them did. The third, we found out was pregnant and does not meet the criteria to enter the house so we do have one spot available. We think by next week we will have a full house again.

• Thursday night we had a prayer service at the house. By the grace of God everything is working well.


• The Fonkonze group came this week, so we worked with the groups of ladies who are participating with Fonkonze. Other than that is was a normal week for prenatal.


• This week we continued the review of the basics.

• We did more alphabet puzzles, used dry erase boards to practice letters (or draw whatever they desired), used pipe cleaners to make shapes and letters (as well as having fun with jewelry glasses, and whatever came out of twisting them together.

• We also talked about opposites in a few different ways by reading books, and physically changing items to make opposites.


• Elsie, from the Bato room, celebrated her 2nd birthday on Monday with the help of Emily Moxon before she departed on Tuesday for 10 weeks.

Haitian Staff

• Renel has officially moved into our newest office space as we finally have a work station for him to call “home” when he comes to COTP. This means that he is no longer the wondering nomad with temporarily working out of the adoption space or the prenatal space at different times. It will be good to have him in the office with the other managers.

• Roseline has been exceptionally busy the last two weeks with lots of family visit work as adoptive parents have come to be united with their adopted children. This has meant a lot of phone calls in hopes of tracking down the exact whereabouts of connected family members for visits while adoptive parents are at COTP.

International Staff

• Val Avink has landed! She officially arrived Wednesday morning on the same flight as some adoptive parents. After a delayed flight to Florida and a nap for the night before departing on IBC, she was glad to get to COTP and have a chance to settle in and take a long-awaited nap.  Val is joining our long-term staff on the ground in Haiti on a one-year commitment.  More info to come soon on Val in another post!

• Nick is officially back in Washington for about 10 days as he and Nikki stagger their returns for a family wedding next weekend. Nikki leaves next Thursday after Jenny Groen arrives to help watch Eventz and Josiah during the go-between.

• The Vande Lune’s are counting down the days till departure next Thursday. Three days will be spent in the Twin Cities as Rob graduates from Bethel Seminary with his Master of Divinity degree. This only begins the whirlwind as time will be spent in Lennox, SD; Orange City, IA; Pella, IA; and Lake Enemy Swim near Waubay, SD.

• We had a big staff meeting with most of the North American staff and Renel on Wednesday morning. It was a good time of sharing!


• Friday the last concrete bond beam was poured to connect all the walls and vertical structure. We will have concrete arches on the back porch area that opens on to the greenspace–total cost for labor to do the framing of the arches including scaffold construction (out of bamboo) $282.16!

• Next week we hope to start with crepe and ronde (stucco) on child home number two. We estimate that this will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

• We are working with two different engineers looking at potential designs for steel trusses. One would be out of angle iron as has been done in the past at COTP, another would be using Cold Formed Steel made by a new company in Haiti down in PAP. We hope to get some answers soon as we would like to get this ordered and begin fabrication of the trusses.

Child Homes

• We continue to learn and grow together. I would say our favorite part of the day continues to be our Family Worship time. We read the Bible, sing, and pray both in English and Creole. Paco is smiling more and seems to be feeling much better. Jacob loves showing off his clapping skills, and the three two year olds seem to be working things out much better and laugh together a lot. They still have their moments of frustration, but I think they are progressing. We had a house meeting last week Friday that seemed to go very well, so that was a blessing. We continue attempt the balance of some family time with meeting the needs of everyone else in our home. A short walk, bike ride, or visit with a friend really helps keep things in perspective.

Grace House Family
Grace House Family