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• N/A this week


• We have several kids going home with their Forever Families very soon. They will all be treated for worms, parasites, and scabies as they transition out of the baby house.

Nutrition Program

Mamba Program

• Dave, Devensly’s brother, graduated the mamba program today. He did not quite reach his goal weight, but he did gain almost 2 kg while on the mamba program.

Formula Program

• Six month old, Rolanda, passed away last weekend. She lived with us for a weekend in December and has been in our formula program ever since. She became sick about a week ago and was even hospitalized, but still passed away. She was cared for by her grandma and mother and was a well-loved little baby.

• Fredlyn was admitted to the formula program when he was just three days old. His mama passed away in childbirth, as did his twin. We are still working on a plan for his future, but for now, we will provide the family with formula for baby Fredlyn.


• This week we learned about the story of Jonah and the Whale in many different ways. We read a few different versions of the story as well as the teacher’s own rendition. One day we acted out the story while playing on the playground, another day we built a boat and a whale with blocks and told the story. During snack time on Wednesday the kids retold the story– guided with questions. Thursday was a fun day that included water play. After a while we added soap to the water to make suds but of course the water did not stay in the tub and ended up all over the floor, so we slid around on the ground and talked about how Jonah probably did the same thing in the belly of the fish but it would have smelled way worse. Today we are going to act out the story transforming out table into a whale and our chairs into a boat.

Haitian Staff

• Changes are happening by the handful as we have hired and shifted nannies permanently to working in the Grace House, found subs to fill their days, and planned for closing the Lyon room in the next week. This means that current nannies in the Lyon room and the children in that room will be shifting to primarily the Elephant Room and Bato Room with one child moving to the Zandolite Room.

• We are working on assigning laundry ladies to specific rooms as children are getting new clothes starting on Monday with their names on each article of clothing. A laundry lady will be expected to wash all the clothes, blankets and items for that specific room as well as sort and return the clothing to that room. Unfortunately, with the closing of a room we will also be downsizing our laundry team to five ladies and possibly even just 4 by the end of May.

International Staff

• Last Friday night we had a bonfire complete with s’mores with friends from Second Mile, Kids Alive and Meds Foods for Kids (makes our Medika Mamba) and other guests that were with COTP and their organizations. Many of them stayed overnight as we had room in the volunteer house and hung around for a game of capture the flag and some lunch afterwards.

• Dan and Nick have laid out ground for a mini- baseball diamond next to the next child home and across the road from the Grace House. If you didn’t know, Dan love’s baseball and thus has inspired a love of baseball into all of his kids. They enjoy playing catch and having quick games on the back property and now there will hopefully even be a small place to play!

• The ladies’ apartment along with Nikki and Erin have been running regularly in what has been referred to as the couch to 5K plan that is an actual training program that Tori has on her iPod. They’ve been diligent about running together at 7:00am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


• Work continues on Child Home #2. By the end of the next week all the walls should be up and the concrete bond beam poured on top of all the walls! We will crepe and ronde the week after that. We are still waiting on engineered trusses for the roof. Hopefully those will come soon!

Next Child Home

Child Homes

• Yesterday at 4pm we held the dedication ceremony for the Grace House. Five nannies have been “hired/shifted” to staff it, the Willis’ have been planning with the two head nannies at the Grace House with food schedules and gone to market together, the four children who will be the first to move in have been spending additional time with the Willis’ and beginning yesterday have been eating one meal at the GH and napping there in the afternoons.

• Monday morning after breakfast those four children will make the whole shift to the Grace House!

• We are finishing up shelving for the two baby rooms in the Grace House. Each shelving unit includes a small space for nannies to hang/store clothes there as well.

•Wilson and his brother Emilio did a great job of making a sign for the house in both Creole and English.


• The Manna Duplex was rewired this week. The rewiring allowed for an electrical room to be relocated to the exterior which gave the Moxon’s an additional room and cleans up several other problems.

• The Cubbies were finished this week in the baby house.