• Remansignio was admitted on Tuesday. His mom is too sick to care for him and the friends who have been caring for him are going back to school.They love him dearly and want what is best for him. Right now, we are planning on keeping Remansignio for a month so that his family can work out the details of how to care for him.


  • Salnise went home with her aunts on Tuesday.The aunt who is her primary caregiver has consistently wanted adoption for Salnise, but the whole family cannot agree.We have been working on a solution for her for months and right now our only option seemed to be to send her home. Hopefully the family will either be able to figure out a way to effectively care for Salnise or else come to an agreement and bring her back for adoption. For now, we will visit Salnise regularly and she will be in our formula program. Please pray for her during this difficult adjustment and uncertain time.


  • Fifi (our Haitian Nurse Tech) and I had a talk just this week or how thankful we were that we continue to have such great health for our children. Please pray for Fifi as she strained her hip flexor this week while lifting KK and is having significant discomfort.

Nutrition Program
Formula Program

  • Amidjy came for help with his dad last week. His mama has passed away and his dad needs some assistance caring for him. He is a healthy two month old baby boy.
  • Sley Samy is 8 months old and also came with his dad. His mama is dead and his dad is worried about his health.We will keep him in the program for a couple of months to help them out.
  • Abigaelle was admitted to the formula program last week. She is a month old and lives with her grandma because her mom died shortly after she was born.

Mamba Program

  • The mamba program gained five children this week. 7 month old Cinley, 22 month old Orline and 14 month old Jeffly all came for the first time and qualified for the program.They will stay in it for about 9 weeks, working towards a healthier weight.
  • Fritz Lande, who lived with us last summer, and her brother, Nasly, were reenrolled in the program today. Nasly’s weight and height classify him as severely malnourished and Fritz Lande has lost some weight as well, so we enrolled both children to keep them from becoming so sick again.


  • This week we learned about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. Every time the kids heard the word Jericho they had to start singing the song.
  • We built a pipe cleaner wall and then marched around it seven times then played our instruments as it fell down (the kids can make some good trumpet sounds).We also built the walls of Jericho with blocks and knocked them down and played with the musical instruments.
  • We practiced letters and numbers but focused on the letter J for Jericho, Joshua, Jesus, Jeremiah, and Jerry and the number 7 for how many times they marched around the wall.
  • The kids enjoyed playing with streamers and figured out that they make great bracelets, anklets, and head bands.We colored, sang songs, read books, and played with play dough.

School Program

  • This week we have continued to give out money for uniforms and shoes!
  • Hopefully by Monday we will have all the lists so we can make the invoice to purchase books for this year! We also should have all the report cards so we can start paying for this trimester!
  • We still have some children who need sponsors and pray that God will provide a way for them to go to school this next year.


  • This week we talked with the moms about physical exams and gynecological exams.We talked about the importance of them so they can be assured they are healthy or get help for problems they may have that they don’t realize they have like cancer.
  • We took blood pressure for all the moms that were present.
  • We had one mom that started to have contractions during one of our meetings and we took her to Baby Mama Haiti for her to have the baby.
  • We visited one of the moms that had a baby 2 months early.

Haitian Staff

  • After almost 10 months of not working at COTP because of health issues, Mme Dominique will be returning to work three 3 days a week in the Papiyon room starting this Sunday.

International Staff

  • Sheila remains in the states and will be returning this Friday.
  • Nick has been in Minnesota meeting with Jamie and the two of them went down to Dordt College to work on some partnerships with a new program Dordt has there.  Nick also spent some time in Florida with the guys from Tri-County Air.  He returned to Haiti on Monday.
  • Christina is in the states yet with the 4 Vander Pol children. They all fly to Florida this Wednesday and Kirk will fly there to meet them. The Vander Pols will all return on the same flight as Sheila.
  • Dan Willis and his three boys will be leaving for the States next week Saturday the 7th. Dan needs to have an outpatient surgery and will leave a week prior to Holly and the girls to get this finished before the whole family gets some R&R.
  • Both Erin and Nikki will be flying to the states in three weeks to attend The Idea Camp conference together. Jenny Groen is also going to this conference so they should all be able to meet up there.
  • Seth and Melissa Johnson, our next set of house parents, arrived safely on Friday with all their luggage accounted for.  We are glad to have them here.  We’re giving them a few days just to relax after the stress of goodbyes, packing, and leaving their lives behind. But soon they will be learning the Grace House routines to be able to provide continuity to those children and staff while the Willis’ are away.
  • Erin and Rob continue to work through both of them working.  We have a volunteer nurse arriving in two weeks that will provide some relief for Erin and cover for her while she is gone to the conference.
  • Jenna Clements will also be moving down to Haiti in three weeks. Her role will be working with volunteer groups/individuals as well as working on media items for COTP such as producing some needed videos.

Child Homes

It is really fun to see the children in our care grow and change. Loudena tries new words every day, and we have all taken to calling the other children the names she calls them. Fritzlin loves to run and our new play yard will make this easier and safer for him. Jacob definitely thinks he is one of the “big kids” now that he is walking everywhere. He is starting to talk a little and eats a lot! Ezechiel and Paco still thrill us with their great smiles and they both really enjoy individual time with us. It is a busy, loud household and sometimes it can be overwhelming, but we are so blessed to be living with these special children!