Whenever our children leave to join their adoptive families, all the kids and staff throw a big going away party for them and get prayed over by the other children. With children leaving so quickly and unexpectedly there wasn’t any time for a party. Jenny wrote this about what happened when so many children left on Sunday.

Jenny wrote this:“Every night I go to bed thinking that the next day cannot be any busier than the one I just had, and then the next day hits. And it is somehow crazier than the day before. On Sunday, we loaded up Chelda, CD, Owen, Eli, and Ti Eli and sent them off to the airport. We had serious doubts if immigration was going to let them leave. I was having a very hard time dealing with the uncertainty. After sending them off, I went out to the baby house to give the rest of the kids their snack.

The Lion crew is down to 7 kids now, and they all sat down at their table for snack. One of the boys asked where Owen was and if he was coming back. I told them that Owen was going home to see his mommy and daddy. They asked if Chelda was going home too. I told them yes and they all started clapping and cheering. Then Woodson looked at me and said, “Nou bezwen priye pou li”. Which means, “We need to pray for them”. Then he said, “Jenny, you do it”. So we prayed for them. We thanked God for them and prayed that God would let them go home today so they could see their mommy and daddy. It was a moment I will never forget. I knew in that moment that God was listening, and He would answer their prayer.”