Today we had the opportunity to throw a little party for the kids in the School Sponsorship Program here at COTP.  The party started at 10 AM. At that time, there were only about 13 kids present. Thinking that perhaps we had overestimated the amount of kids that were going to show up, we went along with it. As the time went on, more and more students began to arrive. We should have known the chances were low for everyone to arrive exactly on time. This is Haiti after all!

With the help of volunteers and a few translators, the kids were able to write personalized notes to send to their sponsors and make a craft. The party also included snacks, a baggie of school supplies, and the opportunity to put their hands on the COTP handprint wall!

In total, there were 45 kids who came to the party this morning. The exact number that the group had estimated and planned for. God knew! Currently, there are about 90 kids in the school sponsorship program, meaning half showed up today and the other half will hopefully come next week for party round 2.

Enjoy some pictures from this morning!











Not every child in our program has a sponsor…YET. If you are interested in learning more about our school sponsorship program and/or sponsoring a child, please go here.