Last week we had a meeting/party for all of the 97 kids in our school sponsorship program.  This program has been getting a major over hauling since Jenn and Renel took over it!  After the meeting all of the kids filled out a card about themselves and drew a picture which will be given to their sponsors.  They also received their back packs and school supplies for the year.
COTP’s school sponsorship program is unlike the average program which normally just sponsors kids at one school.  All of our kids, however, are related to COTP in some way.  Some are kids who lived here as infants and have been reunited with their families.  Others are our kids siblings or nannies children.  They are all conected to COTP in some form.  Because of this we have 97 kids that go to nearly 30 different schools!  It’s a great way for us to ensure that children we reunite are able to be successful in their homes and futures!
Thanks to everyone who helps sponsor these amazing children to go to school!  You are changing not only their lives, but the lives of their families and community as well!

Filling out their sponsorship cards!

Louna, Odelande’s older sister!

Going home after the meeting!