Admits 2:
Marceline’s family is a neighbor of one of our nannies.  The Mom is not married and has no one to help support her and her 6 kids.  Marcline is the youngest at 20 months and they range up to 11 years old.  Sometime the neighbors give them food to eat, but often they go hungry.  Marcline is malnourished but relatively healthy.  She weighs a mere 12# 12 oz at admit.  She has been here for about 2 weeks and is adjusting well.  Her Mom hopes to be able to take her home in 3 months!  Please pray her Mom is able to find work to help her support her family!

Emmanuel came to us earlier this week.  His Mother is young but is very smart.  She was in the 9th grade (which is very impressive) when she had him and had to drop out of school.  She has breastfeed him his whole life, but she doesn’t eat well herself and so her milk isn’t nutritious.  She was begging for food one day when and IBESR official (Haitian Social Services) and refereed her to us.  The fact that he refereed here here is pretty huge for COTP!  Emmanuel is 10 months old and weighed 10 lbs.  Besides for a cough he is doing really well here.  Please pray that his Mom finds work and is able to provide for his needs.  Please also pray that he gains weight quickly and catches up developmentally.

Discharges & Home Visits 1:
Two weeks ago Fritzlin returned home to live with his Aunt.  We asked her to come back earlier this week for a check up and to receive more formula.  Fritzlin had been sick and lost some weight, but we are confident he will do well.  His Aunt loves him dearly and is aware of the needs of infants.  I returned home with her to see where she lives.  They have a nice home in a beautiful community.  His Aunt is not only the leader of her house but of her community.  They live in Port Margot which is 1 hour away by moto.  Please continue to pray for Fritzlin.  His father passed away recently and his Mother, although she lives near by, is unable to care for him!
Annelle should be going home next week.  Please pray for her and her family!  She has an amazing Mom and we are confident she will do well!  Amy and I will be taking her to her house to see where she lives!
Birthdays 1:
Irelene celebrated her 3rd birthday recently.  She looked beautiful in her dress and with barrettes in her hair.  So much has changed since her last birthday.  This year she scarfed down her cake where as last year it took her over an hour and she didn’t even finish her piece!  Irelene is waiting on one last step for her adoption to be complete.  Please pray that this happens soon and she is able to be united with her new family quickly!

COTP Grads 3:
Moise AKA Alfred came back last week.  He is doing really well and has bonded well with his Mother. Please pray for them as she doesn’t have a lot of resources to pay for his needs.
Wadney has been coming back recently as well.  He has been having some medical issues that we have been helping pay for.  Please pray this gets straightened out soon.  Over all he’s doing really well!  He will also be in our school program.
Asmessi spent two weeks in the hospital but was released on Monday.  He is still very sick and in need of prayers.  He has two amazing parents who love him dearly and know the needs of an infant.  They are doing what they can to help him stay healthy.

Liquid hand soap (we are COMPLETELY out of this and have not been able to buy it any where in Cap Hatien or at the DR boarder where we commonly buy supplies.  With changing 315 diapers a day, we really need to find more!)
Baby Wipes (we are completely out of these as well)
Childrens Snacks (crackers, garnola bars, etc)