Weekly Update | July 31, 2015

Outreach Care

Nutrition Programs


  • Sainderley came back this week with an ear infection. He is doing well other than that.
  • Mike graduated this week. After six months in the program, he is now eight months old and weighs 14.1 lb, up from his admit weight of only 3.7 lb!
  • Witchaelle and Witchama were enrolled in the formula program this week. These four week old babies weigh 5.8 lb and 5.5 lb.
  • Newborn twins Djoubenson and Djoubens were admitted to the formula program after one of our nannies referred them to us. Their mom died earlier this week shortly after the twins were born. Djoubens and Djoubenson are the 13th and 14th child in the family and several family members came out with them. The twins are big and healthy (6.8 lb and 7.1 lb) and eagerly latched onto their bottles, so we are trying formula program for them so that they can hopefully stay with their family.


  • Roudely was admitted to medika mamba this week. He has severe hydrocephalus, so it is challenging to know his exact level of malnutrition according to his weight/height. We are working to hopefully coordinate a trip to Port au Prince for him and another child when the next hydrocephalus team is at Bernard Mevs Hospital.
  • Christel was admitted to the medika mamba program this week, but she was also referred to the hospital on the same day because of high fevers. We gave her some supplies so that she could head straight to the hospital. We’re hopeful that Christel will recover quickly.

Prenatal Program

  • A mother in the program gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 7/23/2015 around 6PM. She gave birth at home by a midwife. Both momma and baby are doing well! 

Education Program

  • No update this week.

Admit Care

New AdmitsMike-(1)

  • Mike was admitted earlier this week. This little guy is six weeks old and weighs around four and a half pounds. He is living with Roni and Stephanie and will move in to the Hope House with them when it is ready.


  • N/A

Life House

  • This week, a couple of the nannies initiated setting up a pool party for the kiddos. The kids had lots of fun splashing around in the pools and we love that this can now be a nanny initiated activity.
  • Flora has been showing off her smiles this week and will soon officially transition to nanny care in the Papiyon Room.

Promise House

  • There has been a lot of playtime and singing throughout the week. The nannies have been so excited that some of our kids now get to go to school each day on campus. The nannies are now in charge of a few boy’s feedings and they are proud of it. Each time they do it they say “We are their nurses now.” 

Joy House

  • The highlight of our week has been our new swimming pool!  We finally got it set up this week after it came on the container.  The kids have loved it, and look forward to swimming in it each day.  Most of them are very confident and love to be swimming under the water.  

Grace House

  • We are happy that everyone seems to be adjusting well in the Grace House.  We are thrilled that it seems somewhat normal.  We welcomed Carlos into our home 2 weeks ago.  He is 8 months and has Down’s Syndrome.  He is a very content and happy baby and a joy to have in our home.  Everyone loves the baby.  The older kids have had fun jumping on the tramp that we brought down on the container. 

Around Campus

Hope House Construction

  • This past week we have worked many long, hot, and hard days.  We finished building the trusses on Monday and began setting them on Tuesday.  The Hope house is a bit taller than the Joy house and it took our boom being extended 11.5’ to get the trusses all the way to the top!  Once they were up we nailed on all the perlins and got it level and square.  By Thursday we were putting the roofing on as well as starting the electrical work. The rest of this week will be finishing the roof, and running conduit for the electrical.  Next week we will finish pulling wire, and build the ceiling structure, and hopefully paint it as well.