500 for Family Vision: Building a global community of families helping families.

Engage your family in a 500 for Family fundraiser and raise $500 towards programs that strengthen and equip Haitian families to stay together and invests in future families of Haitian youth through education. As your 500 for Family adventure begins, connect with the program Coordinator, who provide you with a fundraising tool-kit, help you decide on a fundraiser idea and continually support you towards your 500 for Family goal. 

Connect to get started: cotpjenna@gmail.com & megansteensma@gmail.com

The Impact of $500

  • Purchases 35 cans of formula. That’s enough to provide one family all the formula needed to keep their infant healthy!
  • Purchases 7 boxes of Medika Mamba. That’s enough to provide for two families all the Mamba needed to help their child beat malnutrition!
  • Covers one month of salary for 2 social workers who meet and invest in all the families in the family strengthening programs. 
  • Covers 8 educational classes and therapy support for over 20 families with children with special needs. 
  • Supports 5 recruiting events in efforts to promote domestic foster care in Northern Haiti and recruits potential foster care families. 
  • Covers the cost of new school books, shoes and uniforms for 5 students attending Lagossette Christian School.

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