Admits 7:
Stephane came to COTP about 2 weeks ago. His Mother passed away 3 days after he was born from Cholera. Stephane spent 1 month in the hospital at Milot in NICU. When he came to us he weighed 5# 8.4 oz at a month old. He is drinking well and gaining weight. He is a really easy baby and loves to be talked and sang to.
Kevens came to us the day after Stephane. His Mom passed away during childbirth and he spent the first 2 weeks of his life in the hospital at Milot. His father loves him dearly but can’t work and care for a newborn. He has no one to help him with such a small baby. He hopes to take Kevens back when he is bigger and more stable. At admit he was 18 days old and weighed 5# 5.4 oz. He also is drinking well and doing great here.
Raphail came to us the same day as Kevens. He is 4 months old and weighed 4# 4.5 oz at admit. His father passed away a few months ago from Cholera. His Mom is also sick but stable. He spent 2 months in the hospital and his Mom stayed with him, but didn’t have anyone to help with his five older siblings that range in age fro 12-3. He was covered in scabies when he came and in fairly rough shape. His Mom is hoping we can help get him health and that her baby will be able to return to her when he is big and strong enough.
Raphail and his Mom
 Of course with three babies all 5# and under this means we are in need of some Newborn Diapers!
Michelda came to us a few days ago. She is 13 months old and weighs 13 lbs 3.2 oz. Her father has passed away leaving just her Mom to care for her and her five older siblings. Her family doesn’t have a home and sleeps outside behind some rocks. When it rains they get wet. Michelda recently spent 2 months in the hospital but seems to be relatively healthy. her Mom is hoping to improve her situation within the next few months so that her daughter can return home with her. Please pray that she is able to do so.  She is currently in the Bato room and is eating and drinking well.
Emmalie came to us the same day as Michelda. Her father came on Wednesday and asked us to keep her, but he was told to return the following day with needed documents. He came back but still didn’t have the paperwork. He left her at the gate without us knowing. He is a neighbor of one of our nannies so we will be able to find where he lives. Emmalie’s Mom passed away recently. She is the sister to a former COTP grad. She is doing really well here and over all healthy. She four months old and weighs 10# 9 oz.  She is currently out in the Jiraf room and is doing really well!
Daelson and his sister Amstamaelle came yesterday.  I first met Amstamaelle in the hospital about a month ago.  She had kashikor (advanced malnutrition) and was covered in a skin infection.  She spent two months in the hospital.  I was approached and asked if I could help her.  I gave her aunt my phone number and told her to call me when she was discharged.  She came out last week and was asked to come back with paperwork.  We were also told that her 2.5 year old brother was ill, so she returned with him.  Both children are malnourished and covered in scabbies.  Their parents passed away and they have been being cared for by their aunt who has 4 of her own children.  They also have a 6 year old brother.  Please pray that they do well in our care.  Daelson is already smiling and he talks a ton!  He is potty trained and doing well. Amstamaelle is a slow drinker, but is slowly getting the hang of it.
Discharges 3:
Edly and Ederly went home yesterday to their biological Mom. I was able to accompany them to their home which is an hour and a half away from COTP by truck. They live in a beautiful area of Haiti. The Ed’s Mom loves them dearly and wants to be able to provide for them, but she doesn’t have any family to help her. We are going to keep a close eye on them and have them come back regularly for checkups. Please pray that they do well in her care and that they continue to grow and gain weight. Thankfully both boys learned to walk before they left.
Edly and Ederly w/ their Mom

Christelle had spent a lot of time going to and from the baby and volunteer houses as she kept having fevers. Last week she broke out in a rash and so Amy and Jenn rushed her to the hospital where she was diagnosised with Menigicocilemaia. She passed away later that afternoon. Please pray for her Grandma and Family who took the news really hard.

Birthday 1:

Mickenson celebrated his 4th birthday.  He loved his cake and all the attention he received that day!

Adoptions 2:
Rivaldo’s adoptive parents came in on Thursday and Odelandes Mom came in on Saturday. We are so thankful that each of these two will be able to grow up in loving families. Please pray for their travels and that they transition well to their new homes and families. Please also pray for their biological families.
Manuella and Luciana are pulling themselves up to stand!
Baby Shampoo (almost out)
Liquid Hand Soap (almost out)
Childrens Snacks (almost out)
Hand Sanitizer
Lactose Free Formula
Cholorox Wipes
Diapers newborns-4’s
Gerber Fruit/Veggie Purees