Our main goal in this remodel is to give our children the best facilities as we possibly can. As we planned this project it was important to develop a way to do it without closing the building. The baby house has NEVER shut down since its opening.  The floor was redone a few years ago and we’ve had to move the baby house for 2 nights, but other than that it has operated 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for 11 years.  This is an important thing to remember.  COTP operated through a government coo, an earthquake and many leadership changes.  All while providing uninterrupted care to the babies. So as we begin the construction of this building we remember its’ main purpose of providing care to infants and therefore we want to avoid closing the house at any point.  Because we want to avoid closing the Baby House, we have to be sensitive to the children still living in the house and therefore decided to split the project up into 2 phases.

Baby House Prints_08

Phase 1: The first phase will be to remodel the far west end of the building.  One of the first things we will be doing is building a wall that separates the baby house between construction and infant care so we can safely work in the new area without disturbing the area that houses the kids.  We want to be sure that during this construction project the children who are still living in the Baby House are kept safe and as undisturbed as possible. Building this wall between the construction and babies will better help us achieve this.  Phase one will include building four new baby rooms, two bathrooms, an urgent care room, and a larger play area for the children.  Once the remodel of this end of the baby house is finished, we will then move the children into their new space.  Allowing the second phase of the remodel to begin.

Phase 2: The second phase will be to remodel the east end of the building.  The second phase will include combining two of the rooms (Bato and Zandolite) to create a classroom.  In this classroom we will have our training sessions for the nutrition programs, as well as pre-natal classes.  On Sundays it will function as our campus church.  Phase 2 will also include 3 meeting rooms to meet with families.  One of the rooms will be set up with an exam table and will also function as medical room.  Our nurses, social workers, and adoption workers will all have office space designated for them.  The offices will be up front where they can meet with the families easier.  We believe that this will strengthen our capacity to assist the care that we can provide for the families we serve.

We are estimating that the remodel will take about 40 days.  There is a very aggressive schedule to get this completed as quickly as possible so not to disturb the efficiency of the baby house.  There are volunteer groups that are coming throughout the next few months who will be helping out a lot with the labor of this remodel.  Shortly after the new area is done a container should arrive with lots of finishing supplies.  Most importantly it will have new tin for the entire building fixing the current issues with the existing roof.

We look forward to completing the Baby House in these two phases and giving our children the best facilities as possible.  Stay tuned for building updates throughout the remodel!