God Knows | A Flood Story

img_2815It was 1:30 in the morning Sunday morning when Mme Desil and her family knew they needed to leave their house. They didn’t have much time and quickly grabbed some clothes in a couple suitcases to take to higher ground. Their house is not covered well, so as it rained everything was getting wet from the rain coming down and floodwaters rising. She lives close to the airport and every time a vehicle would drive by they would send a lot of water right in the direction of her house.

They were able to go to a friends house who lived higher and together they stayed on their roof. It wasn’t until the following Sunday that they were able to go back to her house. The water got up to just below the shoulder height on her (an average-above average height for a female). During that week they had no way to cook food (and food itself was scarce), no blankets to cover up with, nothing but the two suitcases they were able to very quickly fill.

As things started to dry up and they were able to go back to their house, their fears became true. The water took all of their pots to cook with and any clothes they didn’t take (including the kids’ school uniforms), ruined their beds and now have nowhere to sleep, the only things they owned that survived were what they took with them. They kept the children’s school books in a tote to keep them nice, but the water got in and ruined them.

After a heavy rain again on Monday night (the first day she was able to come back to work) the water is rising into her house again. With all of this going on, she came into work Monday with a big smile on her face, excited to see everyone again. She told me her story with a little sadness, but ended it with a smile saying we will pray, God knows.

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