Bondye Konnen Fanmi

Bondye konnen fanmi.

God knows family.

We live in a world where God’s word is written in many (but not all) of the world’s languages, allowing much of the world to hear the gospel in their own native tongue.  The Bible is God-breathed and essential for understanding so many truths about God and what it means to follow Him.  However, when God created He used additional mediums to reveal truths about His love and His plan for creation.  Family is one of those mediums.

God knows family, because God created family.  It is infused into our being, and handed down from generation to generation.  No matter where you go in the world, you will encounter family in some way, shape or form.  It’s one of the ways that God can reveal His nature to all people, even when His word is not yet available in their native tongue.  

Family is important.  It’s intentionally designed to reveal who God is and how He calls us to love.  God is relational.  God is caring.  God provides and guides us toward our potential.  In turn, God uses family to reveal these things to us.  God confirms in His word that family is important to Him.  He refers to Himself as our Father.  He models marriage through this relationship with the church.  And through the scriptures He plays out the relationship with His son, Jesus, and with all of us who He has called to be sons and daughters.  Family helps us know God.

Family is also functional.  God designs with dual purpose.  In order to grow, learn, develop and become successful adults; we rely on family.  This goes deeper than simple modeling and provision.  Our brains need family in order to develop properly.  We require touch and care in order to create healthy brain connections and pathways.  Who we become as adults is incredibly dependent on how our family is able to care for us and meet our needs as children.  We need family to function.

Family is at the core of what we do at COTP.  Our original calling to Haiti was to infants and children who were orphaned or abandoned.  They were missing the essential element to their life and their future:  family.  From day one, our solution has always been to address that need with family.  Children of the Promise is not an orphanage and never has been.  Our belief has always been that children need to grow up in a family in order to pursue the promise God has for them.  An orphanage, even in it’s best form, cannot offer that for a child.  Through the years, this has taken on a number of forms in our ministry:  International and Domestic Adoption, Family Strengthening, Kinship Care, Domestic Foster Care.  Every effort has been focussed on uniting (or reuniting) a child with a healthy, Christian family. 

Family translates into every language on the planet.  Fanmi is important in Haiti.  Nearly every Haitian parent we meet desperately wants to provide a healthy family for their child.  However, poverty often targets the most basic elements of our lives:  health and family.  We believe in Haitian moms and dads.  We believe in their desire to raise their children.  We believe them when they tell us that they want the best for their children, to see them grow and thrive.  We invite you to join with us this week as we celebrate family, and as we focus on the efforts of our Family Strengthening Program to support and empower Haitian families.