Bondye Konnen Mond Lan Kraze

Bondye konnen mond lan kraze.

God knows that the world is broken.

Kraze…it’s a word that is used a lot in Haiti. Kraze means broke. Unfortunately, a lot of things are broken in Haiti. When you drive down the broken streets, you’ll likely see parked vehicles that have long been broken. You’ll see homes that have long sat half built with exposed bricks that are slowly breaking. You’ll see broken bottles and broken items that have been tossed out. If you take the time to hear the stories of people, you’ll likely hear about a government that is broken. You’ll hear about systems that are broken. If you ask about the help that has been offered to Haiti, you’ll likely hear about broken promises. It seems that Haiti knows all too well the meaning of the word “broken”.

It’s jarring for us on the outside when we first travel to Haiti. Most of us aren’t used to seeing life in such close proximity to that level of brokenness. For most of us, when something is broken, we are used to it being fixed immediately. If it can’t be fixed, we get a new one and discard the broken thing, never to be seen again. In this world of unbroken things, we often have the luxury of seeing the world through very different eyes. We know brokenness exists and that places like Haiti exist, but most days we have the opportunity to enjoy days filled with unbroken things and the safety/comfort that comes with them.

Bondye konnen mond lan se kraze. God knows that the world is broken. It’s not the world He created, but it is the one that He knows intimately and the one that He continues to love. He knows that broken stuff is just an indication of a fracture that runs much deeper. It’s people that are broken, every single one of us. Nou pa san peche. This means that “No one is without sin”. God knows how things became broken. He knows that we each choose our own way apart from Him and fracture that relationship with Him. In doing so, we choose all that comes along with that broken relationship. Evidence of this brokenness is all around us.

Haiti may have more broken things than other places in the world but that doesn’t make it more broken. This brokenness that is a result of sin is evident in each nation, each community, each home, and every heart. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that when we get comfortable. It’s nearly impossible to forget in Haiti.  

This week we will focus on the word “broken”. However, we do so knowing that it doesn’t have to end there. Hope is coming. God knows our brokenness and in spite of our choices, He offers a way to heal, fix and forgive.  

Over the years, Children of the Promise has seen this story play out hundreds of times. We constantly face brokenness: in the communities we serve in Haiti, in the governments we partner with in Haiti and abroad, in our volunteers, in our supporters, and definitely in ourselves as staff…all kraze. However, when we ask God to occupy our broken hearts and broken spaces, He shows up. He moves in profound and often unexplainable ways! Lord, today we ask that you show up in our brokenness. Montre nan mond nou an ki kraze. Show up in our broken world.

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Bondye konnen, God knows.
This commonly used phrase in Haiti directs our attention to God as our source of provision and control. It is God who knows what tomorrow will bring, and it is He who works together everything according to his purposes. The founders of COTP stepped out in faith 20 years ago not knowing what would come from it years down the road. But God knew, and He knows what it will look like 20 years from now and beyond. In honor of celebrating 20 years of ministry in Haiti this year, our 2020 Spring Campaign theme is Bondye konnen. We will explore this theme by looking at some defining threads woven throughout the past 20 years, reflecting on where we are now, and looking ahead to where God is leading us.