Bondye Konnen Tout Moun

Bondye konnen tout moun.

God knows every person.

God knows every one of us. He actually knows each one of us better than we know ourselves.  The reason He knows us so well is that He intentionally created each one of us. The key word here is intentionally, which means He did it with a purpose and into each of one He placed potential.  Every person is known by God—no exceptions.  Every person is loved by God—no exceptions. And without exception, God pursues each person and desires to see them reach their potential while in relationship with Himself.

Bondye konnen tout moun is why COTP exists and why we do the work we do in Haiti. No matter how you translate the words, every person in every country matters to God. If we choose to follow God, then we will find ourselves traveling to unfamiliar places, foreign lands and the very ends of the earth to proclaim His love to every person on this earth.

Bondye konnen tout moun is the simple thing that led the Bonnema family to take a trip to Haiti 20 years ago after a Haitian Pastor, Esperandieu Pierre, invited them. God had already placed a calling on their hearts toward global orphan care. However, it was during this trip to Northern Haiti that the spark ignited and a vision began to form for what we now know as Children of the Promise. They observed firsthand the lack of any institution or organization in Cap Haitien to care for orphaned or abandoned infants. As a result of this deficit, many lives were being lost. In response, Bud and Jan worked with Pastor Pierre to gather support and move to meet this incredible need. In 2000, Jan and her daughter Robin moved to Haiti to formally open a care space in downtown Cap Haitien.

Little did they know at that point that COTP would grow to become what it is today, impacting thousands of lives along the way. None of us knew, but God knew and it’s the very reason that COTP has grown into what it is today. The fact is that COTP isn’t owned by any one person. Start to finish, it doesn’t have any person who has been central to it’s story. It’s never really had any person who’s been irreplaceable. Rather, it’s been a collection of unlikely characters who step out in faith to join in this work together. The main character and hero of the story has always been God. Like God often does, He has chosen to write out this story through each one of us. In the process of using us, I think we can all agree that He also reveals this truth more deeply: Bondye konnen tout moun. Bondye konnen mwen. God knows ME.

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Bondye konnen, God knows.
This commonly used phrase in Haiti directs our attention to God as our source of provision and control. It is God who knows what tomorrow will bring, and it is He who works together everything according to his purposes. The founders of COTP stepped out in faith 20 years ago not knowing what would come from it years down the road. But God knew, and He knows what it will look like 20 years from now and beyond. In honor of celebrating 20 years of ministry in Haiti this year, our 2020 Spring Campaign theme is Bondye konnen. We will explore this theme by looking at some defining threads woven throughout the past 20 years, reflecting on where we are now, and looking ahead to where God is leading us.