Daniel 2 months ago

Daniel is a little boy who has been with us for 3 months. His mother was very sick and in the hospital when his grandmother brought him into our care. She needed help while she took care of her daughter in the hospital. His mother is now well enough to care for Daniel and was able to take him home. Pray for Daniel and his mother to adjust to being back together.

Josette at admission

Josette is a tiny preemie who was abandoned at Hopital Sacre’ Coure in Milot about a month ago. She stayed there for a few weeks in their neonatal unit until she was strong enough to come here. Josette came last Tuesday and weighed 4 pounds 1 ounce. She is now almost 5 pounds and has been drinking very well. Josette was born on June 5th and had an IV in her head for a while so she has a nice mohawk right now but her hair is starting to grow back in. She is a beautiful little girl.

Olivenson at admission

Olivenson was admitted yesterday. Olivenson was born on January 1st of this year and had been living with his mother and siblings in Gonaives. When Olivenson’s 12 year old sister passed away unexpectedly after a seizure in July, Olivenson’s family moved to Cap-Haitien. Olivenson’s father is from Cap-Haitien so that is why his mother chose to move here, however, Olivenson’s father is not working and has been sick recently so he is not able to support his family. Olivenson’s family have been staying with his father’s cousin but Olivenson’s mother needs to find work and find a new place to live. Before we admitted Olivenson, he had been sick for approximatly a week with a high fever (103.5) and he has been having diarrhea since last Friday. Olivenson weighs 14 pounds 1.8 ounces. He hasn’t been sucking well and we’ve had to feed him with a syringe to get him to take in fluids. Olivenson will stay with us for 2 months while his mother looks for work and a new place for his family to live.