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We have had a lot of children go home recently. All of these kids are in our formula program to ensure they have a smooth transition home! I am excited to announce that they are all doing well and continuing to gain weight in the care of their families! Please continue to pray for these children and their families!


 Lou, Givens, and Sabine all turned 2!

Prayer Requests:
This week we had a 3 week old little baby named Anderlin come to our gate. He was born with spinal bifida which is where there is a large growth on his spine. In the States babies born with this would receive surgery right away. There are no surgeons here in Haiti to do this. We are trying to help Anderlin and his family go to the Dominican Republic for his surgery, but are having trouble finding a doctor and someone to help them translate between Creole and Spanish. Anderlin needs this surgery in order to survive. Please pray we are able to get him the surgery he needs as soon as possible!

One of our Nannies sons, Marck passed away yesterday. We have known Marck for over a year and he and his Mom even spent a few months with us while he needed medical care for his heart condition. We have loved getting to know this entire family and watching Marck grow and develop over the past year. He was such a sweet little boy and he touched many lives during his 14 months of life! Please pray for his parents, Monia and Mackenson, as well as his 3 week old brother Mickenson while they are mourning the loss of Marck.


Anel is fully walking now! Ruth is crawling!

The walls are five blocks high on the first house and we our crew is in the process of making 3000 more blocks as we speak! It has been so fun to watch everything come together these past few weeks! Thanks to everyone who has helped with us so far in this process! Your prayers and support is still gladly appreciated as we move forward with the calling God has put on our hearts! We should be starting on the second house with in the next few weeks, which is very exciting!