Q&A Panel

We are blessed to be able to tell about the work of COTP through so many mediums:  Facebook, Instagram, E-newsletters, blogs, print…

However, sometimes it’s best to simply go to the source, hearing stories and updates directly from those on the front-lines. Recently, we asked our social media followers to submit questions for a few of our staff members to answer. In response, our staff panel responded in dynamic fashion through a series of videos. These are the people who speak hope and life into the ministry in Haiti each and every day!

Since there’s not an introduction to our panelists in the video, pictured here from top left to right then bottom left to right:

Patrick – Finance Manager

Melissa – Director of On-Campus Care, House Parent in the Joy House

Alysha – House Parent in the Grace House

Pascal – Family Strengthening Program Director


Patrick, Melissa, Alysha, and Pascal tackle topics ranging from favorite Haitian foods to the ins and outs of COTP to concerns regarding COVID-19. You are guaranteed to learn something and laugh a little while watching and listening to these amazing staff members. Enjoy!

All videos can also be found on our Facebook page (@cotphaiti) and our Instagram page (@children_ofthe_promise). If you ever have any questions about our ministry, utilize the contact information on our home page or check out our website, www.childrenofthepromise.org!