COTP Urgent Need

COTP Urgent Need

For 20 years, God has provided for the ministry of Children of the Promise. Over that time, many of you have played key roles in supporting and sustaining what we do. We want to be clear as we face a very real and current financial threat to our ministry in Haiti. If we do not see a significant boost in our income, we’ll likely be forced to suspend some of our programs that are relied on by hundreds of needy families in Northern Haiti.  We feel it is important to explain the factors that have contributed to this current place we are in:

  • As we reported at year’s end, we saw a bounce back in our giving in 2019 and ended the year in the black. We are grateful for all who contributed in 2019!
  • The political instability in Haiti in 2019 led to a much lower number of short-term volunteers and visitors to COTP. Whereas in a normal year we’d see 200-300 visitors, in 2019 we saw less than 100. This trend has continued into 2020, as political instability continues and COVID-19 impacts travel globally. Volunteer funds make up a very small percentage of our finances. However, volunteers as storytellers make a massive difference promoting our work in Haiti through their testimonies.
  • This situation has now been exasperated as COVID-19 grabs hold of the world’s attention. We’ve seen a noticeable dip in giving the past few months as a result, and year-to-date have only seen half of our necessary funding come in to sustain our operations.
  • To make things worse, we’ve already had to suspend planned church presentations and cancel a few fund-raising events over the next few months in conjunction with efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. At this point, there is uncertainty about when we’ll be able to resume such activities.

Meanwhile, we continue to make preparations to serve and protect our children and families in Haiti in anticipation of COVID-19 arriving in Haiti. We do so with uncertainty as to what financial capacity we will have to provide for the needs of those we serve in coming months.  

Our giving has taken a serious hit over the past two months in the wake of the market downturn and COVID-19 response. We currently have only received about half of what we need so far this year to continue our day-to-day operations. We are taking every precaution to limit spending. However, our reality is that we now only have cash flow for one month’s worth of normal operating expenses, and if we do not see an uptick in giving we will need to suspend some key aspects of our ministry on the ground in Haiti, which will impact our community more than we can measure.

Children of the Promise has always been and will always be a collaboration of Faith.  It’s the result of individuals and churches stepping out in Faith to support this ministry and tell the story of God’s provision and grace.  We ask that you respond in Faith once again to our current challenges in the following tangible ways:

  • Give to support the work in Haiti.  We ask that you’d consider giving one time to meet our current needs, and also consider committing to a monthly donation to sustain our work.
  • Share the story of COTP and our current need with your network and with your church.  We are reliant on each of you as storytellers of what God has done and is doing through COTP.
  • Pray for our ministry.  Pray for provision. Pray for the people of Haiti as they prepare for more days of uncertainty!  Pray that God will move in profound ways in Haiti!

Financial Insights:  What does it take to run COTP?

Monthly operating budget:  $91,250

**Our team is already suspending any non-essential spending, which will allow us to keep spending well under our monthly budget for a time

Direct Program Monthly Costs: $75,650

  • Haitian Payroll:  $37,775 
  • Haiti (non-payroll) costs:  $27,300
  • US Program costs:  $10,575

Administrative and Promotional Monthly Costs:  $15,600

If you have questions or want to learn more about our ministry or our current needs, please email

Financial Accountability

We are committed to the highest standard of accountability and stewardship of our funds. All spending is according to a board-approved budget. We will make every effort to honor donations designated for a specific program. If the funds have been raised for that program, the remaining designated donations will be directed to addressing the greatest needs at COTP.

All donations are tax deductible.