• Devensly, who was admitted just over a week ago, has been at Milot since Saturday night/Sunday morning.  He is currently battling a serious infection.  He is 13 months old and has kwashiorkor (severe malnutrition). He is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle.



• Esther left for the States with her adoptive mom Thursday. She looked adorable and is a great birthday present for her new mama.



• After spending only one night at COTP, Devensly was admitted to Milot with severe anemia and kwashiorkor. We had 3 volunteers who were able to donate blood on his behalf, so he was able to receive the transfusion he needed. He is also on oxygen and antibiotics and is now getting formula through his NG tube. He is very fragile so we are checking in on him often and praying for him to turn around soon.

• Three of our little babies in the papiyon room had diarrhea for a few days this week, but they are all starting to improve now. The nannies in the papiyon room watch them closely and are good about following instructions with oral serum and diaper rash cream.


• On Friday we finished up day 6 and 7 of creation and focused on God’s love for us. This week we have been reviewing shapes, letters, and numbers. We are working on learning how to spell and identify our names as well as recognize other letters. Also, we’ve practiced counting with purpose instead of rote counting.

Nutrition Program

Formula Program:

• Dyolanda lived with us for three months last fall. She has been home for two months and has been in the formula program, but did not come to the last few program days. We heard that she was sick and have been trying to visit her for awhile, but were never able to see her. Then, earlier this week, Roseline visited and found out from her grandma that she passed away at her mom’s house. Her dad is still very sick.

• Enoc Charles, who has severe hydrocephalus, is currently in Port-au-Prince. He has had a CT scan and labs done and seen the doctor. He goes back this morning to find out the results of his tests and to decide if he will get surgery.

• Odlencie Jean Baptiste also went along to Port-au-Prince. When she was very young (she is only now 3 and a half months), she had a large mass on the side of her head. It was drained at Milot, but they said she still needed to go to Port to have the internal problem checked out. We do not yet know the results of her tests.

• We also have two tiny new admits this week. One is Christela, Fadelin’s baby sister. She was born the day after Christmas and only weighed 1.83 kg when we admitted her. In just a few days, she has already grown to 2 kg!

• The other new admit is Saskia. She is also a Christmas baby and weighs only 1.51 kg. Her mom left her about a month ago and she has been living with her grandma, drinking only sugar water. Grandma asked for help with formula, which we willingly provided.

Mamba Program:

• We have two recent admits. Dave is Devensly’s big brother. He is healthier than his brother, but still malnourished. He was willingly eating mamba, but they did not come to their rendezvous yesterday.

• Maylenie also joined the program. Her mom wanted adoption, but willingly accepted the mamba program for her daughter.