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Nutrition Program

Mamba Program

• Judeline and Junior are new twins in the Mamba program. Both are severely malnourished, but Junior is already eating mamba well. Judeline wasn’t so sure, but will hopefully eat it more willingly when she is at home and with her mama.

Formula Program

• Naika and Cendie both graduated from the formula program. They are both blessed with mamas who love them and are taking great care of them!


• This week we talked more about the body and the five senses. We also talked about colors and letters. The kids are noticing the wind blowing and each time we see the windsocks they made during weather week blowing they tell me.

• Their new favorite thing to play with are some little animals and counting bears. They like to line them up, count them, tell me what animals they are and what sounds they make, and make up stories about them.

International Staff

• We hosted a bon fire on Friday with our North American friends! It was a fun evening complete with s’mores!

• Bon fire night was followed by Capture the Flag saturday morning! Great fun was had by all!


• All 4,100 blocks have been made on site and are curing nicely for the 2nd child home. 2,100 8″ blocks for the exterior walls of the home and 2,000 4″ blocks for the interior walls.

• Today we have started setting the first row of blocks for the walls!

• Work continues in the Manna long term housing duplex. The Moxens have relocated upstairs and the 1st floor is getting some work finished before the Vander Pols move in such as kitchen shelving, some painting, and replacing a completely shot kitchen faucet.


• The red Hilux is broke down until we can install a new clutch. That will likely happen the end of next week. The auto budget was depleted this month with the new tires that the Jeep Needed. The white truck also needs new front tires, we have had several flats recently and it is no longer reliable.

• We have been discussing the need for additional work stations at COTP. Hopefully within the next few months we will see several new computers at COTP. We can always use older equipment. If anyone ever would be willing to donate a computer, monitor, iPad, or even mice and keyboards let me know. We likely could use them.

• We have installed the new head gasket into the SDMO generator. We have also fixed the radiator and are getting the water pump fixed right now as well. Hopefully it will be online next week. I did fuel draw tests for the Kohler and Kubota generators on Monday. The Kubota drew 1.15 GPH while the Kohler drew 1.6 GPH under the same conditions. The difference of .5 GPH With the amount we are running our generator right now we will exceed our fuel budget by over 300 each month. This week I finished the draft for a 3 part upgrade of our power system. It is currently being reviewed by industry professionals and volunteers that have knowledge of our systems. Today we are re-wiring the Manna Duplex in an effort to remove 3 electrical panels from one room.

• We are working on a plan to paint nearly all the buildings at COTP this summer with the help of 3 groups.

• We recently installed an hour meter for our well pump. We are pumping an average of 11 gallons per minute and the pump runs about 8.5 hours per day. A large part of the compound is on our elevated tank which only stores 500 gallons.  We hope to intall a second 500 gallon tank next to it soon to increase our capacity.