What a difference  a week can make!  A week ago, on Christmas day, we were scrambling to care for nearly a third of our children, as cholera swept through out baby house.  A week ago:

  • We had 17 children in isolation, being heavily monitored and treated by our staff.
  • 8 of those 17 were on IVs at COTP
  • We had 3 children in the hospital, and had to rush a fourth in that day as well
  • In addition to our long-term staff, we only had 2 additional volunteers to assist

Flash forward to New Years day:

  • We only have 4 children in isolation, mainly for monitoring and to make sure they are eating well
  • We have no children in the hospital, no children on IVs
  • In addition to our long-term staff, we have 17 volunteers on-hand, including 2 nurses, 4 med students, and 3 past COTP staff members.

We praise God for the rapid recovery of our children!  We also thank all of you for the outpouring of support and prayer for our kids and staff!  The most common word reported from Haiti in the past few days has been “quiet.”  After the stressful pattern events of the past 2 weeks, we are excited about quiet.  Quiet has meant that our children have returned to normal life in the baby house, even getting the chance to celebrate the holidays a bit.  It has also meant some much needed rest and relief for our staff.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to closely monitor our children and take the necessary steps to avoid further outbreaks of this illness.  This will start with consistent health evaluations of all our kids and of our nannies in the coming weeks.  The incredible response of volunteers will allow us to have extra nurses on the ground for the rest of January!

We continue to ask you to pray for the health of our children, our staff,  and our nannies.  A few of our staff members are dealing with illness in the wake of these events.  We also ask that you continue to remember the biological and adoptive families of Elijah (Adleyson), who passed away.

We also continue to have financial needs.  Please consider making a donation to COTP: either toward the general care of our babies or to meet our medical needs of the past few weeks.  Click here to donate online, or send a check to PO Box 123 Prinsburg, MN 56201


Thank you!

Jamie Groen

Director of Operations