Our mission is to provide Christ-centered quality education, equipping students for a life of praise and service in their communities and beyond for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to develop Christian leaders to bring transformation in Haiti and beyond.

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Lagossette Christian School: école L’Amour de Dieu (the Love of God School) is a primary school consisting of classes from preschool through 6th grade. LCS has been providing Christian education to children living in poor rural villages since 1999. By 2009, through a partnership with Manna Global Ministries (MGM), LCS grew to a three building school serving, at times, 300 students and employment for local educators. In 2012, MGM transitioned out of Haiti with plans for COTP to take over LCS operations by 2017. Throughout these transitional years, COTP has built on previous relationships with the Haitian leadership of LCS and look forward to the bright future of the primary school!

In Haiti, education is highly prioritized and most families will spend a significant amount of their income to see their children go to school. Throughout the years, LCS has been able to support low-income families to send their children to school by providing education at a very low cost. Through individuals financially supporting the operations of the school, Haitian families who may not be able to afford the full cost of tuition are able to see their children receive a Christian education and to become future leaders in Haiti!

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