Special Needs Outreach Program

The Challenge

In Haiti, individuals with special needs are marginalized and face many challenges. Families of special needs children have little to no support from their community because of cultural views that devalue individuals with special needs, receive inadequate or inaccurate education regarding their child’s diagnosis, prognosis, and care, and lack resources for growth. Because of these challenges, children with special needs are at a high risk of abandonment.

Strengthen Haitian Families

Our objective is that the Special Needs Outreach Program will equip and empower families of children with special needs so that the family unit is preserved, the caregiver feels supported, and the children with special needs can engage life in healthy and meaningful ways as a valued member of the community.

This program is run primarily by our Haitian staff who provide families with:

  • Biblical principles regarding special needs
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutrition and health education
  • Intentional healthy interaction and play with their children
  • Lunch meal that provides space for additional community growth and feeding support
  • Access to social workers and nursing staff for additional support