Adoption Changed Her Story

It has been 20 years of COTP working towards bringing and keeping children in healthy Christian homes and families in Haiti. Through the years, many children have found their healthy Christian home and family through international adoption. And they are sharing their story.

And their stories are changing lives.

“This is a story about a life that got changed when people started to adopt. My grandma started Children of the Promise. That’s where I am from. My amazing life started in my mother’s womb. But my mother passed away. I am still alive and now 9 years old, in a good family that serves the Lord. My name is Joy, in Haiti they called me Maranatha- that is now my middle name. My Haitian father could not take good care of me after my mother died so he brought me to the Children of the Promise. I had a buddy there at COTP his name is Alex and we are still friends. There are amazing kids at COTP that need a parent, even though they might have special needs they will make an amazing kid. I heard a story about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Park they tried to change the way people think about us, but it didn’t work. When I was adopted, my brother Johnson (he is 12) also was adopted, we are not biological siblings but we grew to trust each other. I had never met him until a couple of days before we met our parents now. He tried to give me a bottle while we were waiting for the airplane to come to MN we have a cute photo of this. When I met my mom I was scared at first but a little while later I felt welcomed & calmed down. I have mostly good memories growing up, sometimes Johnson & I would fight- but our older siblings helped us play games and get along. When you get adopted you make special memories and you have the best fun you could ever have. A couple years ago we adopted a little boy from China that had Down Syndrome. Some people didn’t want him & he was left in a room called the dying room. Someone came and got him and started feeding him with an eyedropper and he got healthy & chubby. God told my parents to go to China and adopt that little boy. Elijah is now 9. God saved his life and he is now in the house that God filled, he goes to school and is in the Bonnema family. He is funny, kind, understanding, caring and very helpful to anyone that needs help. Our family wants to follow God and spread the truth about the Lord. So adopt and make kids feel special.”

– Joy Bonnema

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