Bondye Konnen Viktwa

Bondye konnen viktwa.

God knows victory.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Most of us have been raised on a view of victory that is pretty clear cut. In sports, the victor is decisively determined by a certain amount of points or the higher score. In war, victory comes with heaviness and the somber reality of those lost, but a victory typically signifies the end of the fighting (or at least most of the fighting). Both types of victories are typically followed by parades and celebrations of some sort. They bring rejoicing and a sense of closure or finality to some degree. We move forward. We move on.

When Christ died on the cross, God dealt the final blow to evil and provided the ultimate victory to His creation. God conquered Satan once and for all. God won. Period. This victory should give us immense confidence and hope because we know the ending. However, I still struggle with how to walk in this victory in a world that is still very broken. I’ve heard it phrased as the already, but not yet. God’s victory has already come, but the fullness of that victory is not yet realized on earth and won’t be until Christ’s return.  

This not yet creates tension, and sometimes even as Christ followers we can feel overwhelmed by the tension. However, Jesus was clear with His disciples during one of His final interactions before His death: Peace in the midst of trouble is possible! This isn’t just a statement that was true for them at the time, but a promise that extends to all of us today. God will continually speak reminders of this to us. Are we listening?

At COTP here in Haiti, we catch glimpses of victory nearly every day. Haiti knows trouble and turbulence far too well. However, in the midst of it, immense peace is encountered amongst the body of believers. This peace is fueled by simple reminders of God’s viktwa:


A family in a hopeless situation finds hope in support from their community

A severely malnourished child is restored to health

A child with special needs finds value and purpose despite a society that tells them otherwise

A caregiver secrues employment and is able to provide for his or her family

A child becomes the first in generations to complete his or her education

A staff member dreams about how he or she can change their nation


Every day, we witness glimpses of viktwa in Haiti. Even when they are small, they are profound because they are all reminders of the ultimate victory that has already come. In the midst of our troubles, we can take heart because He has overcome.