Our Approach

Volunteers have and continue to be of high value to COTP. Support (prayer, financial, encouragement), staffing, adoptions, skills and connections have often come from volunteers. We welcome church groups, past adoptive families and other skilled individuals to come to work along-side and learn about Children of the Promise. We engage volunteers with existing programs and connect them to current needs. We also encourage experiences outside our ministry to give volunteers an opportunity to learn about other organizations in Northern Haiti and to see the beautiful scenery and culture of Haiti.

Many people come to Haiti with professional skill sets and we look to find opportunities to let those people bless the ministry in Haiti. Some specific skills that have potential to bless our ministry are: physical therapists, counselors, pastors, special education teachers, ESL teachers, videographers and photographers. If you believe you have a skill set that would bless the ministry in Haiti, please fill out the volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will connect with you further!

Apply to Volunteer