Stable and productive employment is key to sustainable economic and social development. Individuals are able to use and develop their professional skills and serve the community while providing resources for their own families. Children of the Promise currently employs 101 passionate and dedicated individuals. These individuals are the backbone of what we accomplish at COTP and we are incredibly thankful for their consistent, hardworking efforts to make our campus welcoming to all who enter.
Jamie Groen

Executive Director

Antonio Jean Louis

Director of Missions

Patrick Severe

Director of Operations

Marcia Roorda

Director of HR and Finance

Gina VenOsdel

Administrative Assistant

Jasmine Joseph

Director of Education

Emily Exalus

Promotions Manager

Gaby Desravines

Medical Manager

Alysha Warman

On Campus Care Manager & Grace House Parent

Christian Jean

Maintenance Manager

Rikerns Jean Louis

Logistics Manager

Abby Wierda

Media Coordinator

Joel Estavien

Data and Sponsorship Coordinator

Carla Lyster

Child Sponsorship Coordinator/Peace House Parent

Eulalie Lindor

Temporary Care Space Manager

Roseline Lindor

Assistant to Family Strengthening Director

Roudy Lindor

Community Agent

Rachel Walker

Special Education Teacher/Promise House Parent

Tori Rayle

Therapy Coordinator/Courage House Parent

Board of Directors

Sara VanZee
Iowa, USA

Kurt Steensma
Vice President
Michigan, USA

Jay TeBrake
Minnesota, USA

Clarence Wassink
Ontario, Canada

Daryl Huinink
Michigan, USA

Esperandieu Pierre
Port au Prince, Haiti

Rebekah Miner
Washington, USA

Renee Hildahl
Ontario, Canada

Graeme Esau
Ottawa, Canada