"It's never been about what we did. It's about what God is doing, and people coming to join what God is doing."

Bud and Jan Bonnema, COTP Founders

"Can you take my baby please?"

In 1999, Pastor Esperandieu Pierre, who currently serves on our board, invited Bud and Jan Bonnema to Haiti for a 6-day trip. During their short stay, they were asked this question on three separate occasions by 3 different caregivers. God had already placed a calling on their hearts towards global orphan care. However, it was in moments like these during this trip that the spark ignited and a vision began to from for what we now know as Children of the Promise.

They observed firsthand the lack of any institution or organization in Cap Haïtien to care for orphaned or abandoned infants. In response, the Bonnemas worked with Pastor Pierre to gather support and move to meet this incredible need. What started in an apartment in town, moved to the rural village of Lagossette.

Since then, thousands of people have rallied around the mission of caring for and empowering the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Our campus and approach to ministry has adapted and changed over the years in order to best serve and care for our community. While many things have changed, one thing has remained constant through it all: God's faithfulness.

From humbling beginnings to expansive impact, the story of COTP is one of God's faithfulness and His people around the world coming together to see the vision become a reality: a healthy Christian home and family for every Haitian child.