How can I get involved?

Thanks for asking! Our ministry thrives when the COTP community generously gives of their talents and resources. Check out our “Get Involved” page for several ways to join the mission!

Where does your funding come from?

100% of our funding comes from generous individuals, families, and churches across the United States and Canada.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, all donations made to Children of the Promise are tax deductible.

Where are you located?

Our campus is located in the rural village of Lagossette, which is 7 miles south of Cap Haitien.

Where can I find my tax receipt?
We do our best to honor our generous donors, so we send all of our tax receipts via email in order to save on the cost of postage.  If you’re having trouble locating your tax receipt, here are a few possibilities as to why:
  1. We do not have your email (or current email) on file.
  2. We have your email, but you have unsubscribed from receiving emails from us.  This unfortunately not only stops our promotional emails from reaching you, but also financial emails including your year end tax receipt. ** We can re-subscribe you so you can receive emails from us again, we just need your permission.  
  3. The email was sent, and then arrived in your spam or promotions folder.
If you have additional questions or if you still cannot find your tax receipt, please contact Gina at cotp.usoffice@gmail.com.
How do I update or cancel a recurring online donation through Network for Good?

If you need to update or cancel a recurring donation that you have set up with us at any time, you can do so by signing into your donor account and making those changes.

Still have questions?

Ask away! Someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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