When the separation from a child and family does occur due to a variety of reasons, we pursue family-based care and use temporary family-style residential care when needed.
Temporary Care Space
Temporary Care Space

The Temporary Care Space provides exceptional care for children who are undergoing rehabilitation or awaiting a domestic foster care placement. In some cases, these children transition to a Child Home.

On Campus Care

A Child Home is a family-style temporary home for children who are orphaned or abandoned. Every child living in one of our Child Homes is set on the path towards a healthy Christian home and family through adoption. Through consistent and loving caregivers (House Parents), a family-style home and a small number of other children in each home, children are able to form healthy attachments and are better prepared for a healthy transition into an adoptive family.

Domestic Foster Care
Domestic Foster Care

Many Haitian families often feel like they have no other option than to leave their child at an orphanage because they do not have the support needed to overcome the challenges they face in raising a child. Several of those orphanages are unethically and poorly run. We seek to protect and ethically care for children who have been orphaned or abandoned by pursuing a loving family for each one.

In July 2018, Children of the Promise worked alongside Haiti’s department of Child Protective Services (IBESR) in the launch of a Domestic Foster Care program in Northern Haiti. COTP works with IBESR in the placement of children into healthy foster families. To ensure children are placed in strong and supportive home environments, the program works with local churches to recruit and train foster families. All families go through a certification program to become an official foster care home.


As of 2014, Haiti has been part of the Hague Adoption Convention. If you are interested in adopting a child from Haiti, please contact a Hague approved agency.

Quick adoption facts:
Average cost: $25,000 – $40,000
Average estimated time: 1.5 – 3 years
Average # of adoptions to U.S. families: 100-400/year

For information on the process, cost and additional Haiti adoption facts, click here.

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