A healthy Christian home and family for every Haitian child.

Our Approach

We believe families should stay together. We serve families at risk of separation by investing in family strengthening programs, with the goal to keep families together and to empower them towards a life of sustainable health and wellness.

When the separation of a child from a family does occur due to a variety of reasons, we pursue family-based care and use temporary family-style residential care when needed, with the goal to unite the child with a healthy forever family.

Education is a key piece in helping families out of the cycle of poverty. Our school, Institution Chr├ętienne Enfants de
la Promesse (ICEP), welcomes over 330 students to school every day and it's vision is "to provide Christ-centered quality education, equipping students for a life of praise and service in their communities and beyond for the glory of Jesus Christ".

Family Strengthening Programs
Family Based Care
Where We Work
Where We Work

Children of the Promise has been serving the Lagossette community in Northern Haiti for over 20 years. Lagossette is located in “Departement du Nord”, also known as the North Department of Haiti. Known for its beautiful beaches, the coastal city of Cap Haitien is roughly an hour drive from Children of the Promise.