On Campus Care

Our Approach to Ethical Orphan Care

The best place for a child to grow and develop is in the context of a loving home and family. When in a healthy home, a child learns how to interact socially, express feelings and thoughts and have a greater sense of identity. Large institutionalized orphanages do not give a child the necessary surroundings needed for healthy growth and development and therefore we provide a different approach through the Child Home Model. A Child Home is a family-style temporary home for children who are orphaned or abandoned. Every child living in one of our Child Homes is set on the path towards a healthy Christian home and family through Adoption. The Child Home Model was created to provide the best care that encourages healthy growth and development for vulnerable children. Through consistent and loving caregivers (House Parents), a family-style home and a small number of other children in each home, children are able to form healthy attachments and are better prepared for a healthy transition into an adoptive family.

Our Homes

Support through Child Sponsorship

By joining us as a child sponsor you partner with us to provide excellent physical, emotional and spiritual care for the children living in the Child Homes. This commitment goes further than a monthly financial gift, as we also ask sponsors to pray and advocate for the child you sponsor. Sometimes a sponsor’s advocacy of the child for adoption may in fact find an adoptive family for that child. Because of this, we see advocacy as a crucial way sponsors support their sponsored child. This program establishes that each child in our care has a community of individuals praying, advocating and supporting them every day!

As part of the sponsorship program, you will receive an update on your child along with a new photo every other month. In order to bring costs down, we send all updates out digitally to your inbox. The updates sponsors receive are written by the House Parents who know the child best. Because of this, these updates are full with real and authentic information on how your sponsored child is doing.

Contact for more information:
Carla Lyster, Sponsorship Coordinator