Fanmi = You Belong

Family, or “Fanmi” in Haitian Creole, is at the core of Children of the Promise’s ministry. Our vision is a healthy Christian home and family for every Haitian child. We don’t say that because it is a nice idea or successful sales pitch. It is at our core because it works. It is because we believe that the medium of a healthy family holds the power to change the world. However, we do not simply view families as a place to meet the physical and developmental needs of a child, but rather as a space where a child learns that they belong, that their life matters and is necessary.

In the coming weeks, we hope to demonstrate to you all of the ways that our work at Children of the Promise conveys this message of belonging. In a broken world, this is not easy work. It’s messy and frustrating at times. It’s heartbreaking. However, with God, it is possible. No matter how broken a situation, we believe God can restore this sense of belonging to a child…or to any life for that matter. We believe families can take on a variety of forms in order to accomplish this goal.

We ask that you join with us in learning about and celebrating the ways God uses unique family structures to serve the needs of the children we serve. And as we do, we challenge each of you to reflect on your own family story and the ways you are able to speak God’s message of belonging to those around you wherever you may live.