We believe that education is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to fight for family and overcome the cycle of poverty.

Institution Chrétienne Enfants de la Promesse (ICEP)

Many have asked how a primary school fits into the mission of COTP. Doesn’t COTP work with babies and families in crisis?

Moving the ministry of COTP into education definitely represents a shift in our work in Haiti. However, we believe it is an important and necessary shift toward addressing the root causes of the needs we are in Haiti to address. COTP has been able to impact thousands of children in crisis over the years. Over this time, we’ve learned that it is not simply who you help but also how you help that is important. In addition to helping individuals, we believe God is using COTP to support and improve the systems and structures in Haiti.

At our core, we believe that God created the life of each person with a purpose and with promise. Being true to our core requires us to listen to the voices of our Haitian Leaders and the community, and then invest in their vision for Haiti. Voices in Haiti seem to all align on one thing: education is the key to Haiti’s future.

At ICEP, we are leaning in and listening to the needs and visions of our community. True to who we are, we are seeking to leave our mark on education similar to how COTP has impacted the social sector. We are growing ICEP into an institution that can be an example for how to effectively serve vulnerable families and children in our region, growing healthy Christian homes and families on a national scale.

Interested in Sponsoring ICEP?

Each student that attends ICEP has dreams and hopes for their future. However, each family represented faces the reality they will need help in supporting their child toward their dreams. Let's face it, each of us have been recipients of help along the way in helping us to where we are today. ICEP families cannot afford full tuition to send all their children to school at the same time. That's where you come in...

After parent and other contributions to education costs, there is about $500 remaining to send a student through one year at ICEP. Would you consider partnering with our families and students to sponsor the remaining cost of tuition for one or more students at $40 per month?

As a sponsor, you'll have the chance to interact with a class of students at ICEP. You'll receive regular updates from the class, stories from individual students, AND the chance to send messages back to the class. If you continue your commitment for years to come, you'll have the chance to invest in and see your sponsored group of students grow up and go out to impact Haiti and our world.